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Training treats for tiny puppy

Jim Fowler

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I have a 12 week old Shih Tzu and she's a titchy little thing. We want to train her and have started classes today. The problem is all the treats seem to have given her the runs...
We bought the lowest calorie ones we could find. They say 4kcal per treat and I have to break them into 4 pieces for them to be treat sized for her (otherwise she takes them off somewhere and lies down to chew on them for 10 minutes). But they seem to be too much even then.

Does anyone recommend any treats that would be tasty enough to be rewarding for training, but gentle enough on tiny tummies?

If you feed her kibble, you could use kibble from her daily allowance as treats.

Alternatively, have you tried little bits of carrot or cucumber? Some dogs love them. Carrot went right through my dog to the extent that if I'd been so inclined I could have rinsed it off and used it again...
What is she like on real meat or cheese? She only needs a tiny crumb each time. Good for you for thinking about this so you don't end up with a fat dog!
Have you tried little bits of boiled chicken or dried sprats maybe?( though as the fish is quite stinky, I'd recommend cutting them up in to small bits before you need them!)
As I was cleaning my ferrets out yesterday I saw their treat bag and I instantly thought it may be perfect for your little one! It's 'Hi Life' cat treats, they are small bits of dehydrated pure meat, they do chicken, duck and white fish, they could be worth a try:)

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