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Undissolved stitch on belly


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Hi there,
I have adopted a rescue dog and I've had her for 2 months now, and just noticed something poking out of her belly, didn't notice it before and checked there many times before today. It looks like a stitch and im not sure why she would have a scar going down the centre of her abdomen. She was used for breeding previously and I'm guessing they opened her up to get the puppies out? I'm not sure how it works honestly but if anyone has any advice like a cream recommendation or something as I'm worried it could get irritated or caught on something and damage her belly


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It's is possible she has had a cesarean but if it is a stitch I don't think a cream would dissolve it. I'd contact your vet.
Yes I agree, I'd pop her to the vets. It'd be good to get them to look at it and they may be able to snip it out or at least snip the loop so it won't get caught.
I recommend you take it to the vet; they will be the best ones to answer your question.

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