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Unusual Vomiting Pattern


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Hi, weird one. I have a 22 month old Labrador and ever since she was 6 months old she's had periods of intermittent vomiting. It takes an odd pattern, she vomits once a day, only once, and is her usual bouncy self - unless I'm very quick she has the vomit gobbled back down - and she won't be sick again for at least 24 hours, usually about 30 hours. I was using Chappie for these bouts until the last one when it didn't seem to stop it and the vet advised I change to Royal Canine Gastrointestinal. That seemed to do the trick - I even had her on the kibble - for about four weeks - but the vomiting has started again with exactly the same pattern as before (even when I switched her to the loaf). Her movements are exactly the same as normal, no sign of diarrhoea, and the only slight difference I can say was on Saturday before the first sickness she seemed to drink more than usual (something I've noticed before during these bouts) but yesterday, before the second bout, her water intake was completely normal.

Vet did a lot of tests, everything seemed normal )nothing showed on x-rays although they remade she had a lot of air in her stomach and they have definitely ruled out Addison's and diabetes. Vet put her on Royal Canine and for about a month - sic weeks she's been great on it, then on Saturday night the same pattern starts, sickness, absolutely fine for 28 hours then sick again. Her eyes seem a bit streamy as well which has made me think of allergies, but, I would have thought they would show up quicker than a month on the food with no problems. Through it all she is as full of life as she can be - she doesn't even seem to notice being sick and eats it straight away if she can

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm going back to the vet tomorrow and I was just wondering if anyone had experienced anything like this and had any suggestions I could bring up with the Vet, because they seem stumped as well.
I'm sure you will have already thought of these things, but just to rule them out -

* could she be eating too fast? Would a slow feeder bowl help?

* have you experimented with the bowl on the floor / slightly raised?

Having air in her stomach - is she is gulping it down with the food (which would suggest it's related to her style of eating)?
She is a gulper, I do have her using a slow eater bowl and a slow drinker. Vet doesn't recommend raising the food bowl so I haven't. I might have another talk with her about that. Vet initially thought it might be the eating style but she's stumped by the odd presentation of symptoms which seem to form a pattern.
Are you feeding her once or twice a day? My only thought is to maybe try a smaller meal, in the slow feeder, but up the number of meals. So eating the same amount but split into say 4 portions...
I use raised feeders ..I personally have no faith in vets and dogs diet ..they are quick to recommend prescription diets as they make money from them ..
Have you ever tried feeding raw food ...
Bloat is a concern for me as she's a Labrador and with the excess wind I don't want to take the risk. My vet doesn't sell me the vet Royal Canin and I get in online for less and they have no problem with it. I agree vet's are a little quick to turn to the prescription food, but, up till now it's been working, it just, like with everything else, works for a few weeks then..stops working? I'm stumped, I've had several dogs and never had anything like this before.

I've looked into raw and I'm not convinced about it to be honest. I'll talk to my vet about it but I'm sceptical. Rapidly approaching the point though I'll try anything !

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