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Vardy's Diary

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My reply is for sure is not much to reassure you....but...
When pups grow up....during the first 18 months...they go through varying different phases in their mental development that affect their behaviour. Some is because of their hormones...some is general part of learning curve to become adults.
This much easier to understand in human terms. Think of babies...they put everything in their mouths and giggle of anything and everything...then they turn into toddlers that can throw their toys about and start stomping and wanting to do things themselves and pushing their parents away until they have different turn where they cling and want cuddles. Then then they reaching puberty...starting be more independent and pretending they are older and wiser than they are....then being teenager, do not know which way to lean, being older and yet still have bouts of selfdoubt and uncertainty and lots lots being embarrassed about their parents :D And then the blessed (hopefully) the early adulthood...they brains start to find steady motion and they handle their fluctuating hormones better and understand their actions.
Puppies go through many very similar stages but it all happens in short period of time in their first 18 months...and it can be quite rollercoaster ride. Some are easier and others less different to us humans.
You just have to take the ride...try to work your through this time and enjoy some of it! It ain't easy for sure...but understanding and accepting it is a good start. Your job is find the golden 'middle way' to be the teacher/human mum that is firm with your guidance and same time loving but doing it in their terms. Respect the pup when it is not in mood for cuddles and steal them for your enjoyment when they are too busy of doing something else (chewing) or they are accepting it.
Oh there is plenty of distracting issues to list here...but I hope this have given some food for thought. I have not noticed anything unusual in your pup's behaviour so far..and that is a GOOD NEWS! ;)
My answer is getting longer and longer...:rolleyes:..but I have something to add that only just came to my mind.

If you can and it is in your nature....try to laugh some of your pups behaviour away. Pups want our attention, so rather than getting worked up about their antics..if you pull away, laugh 'don't be silly' and pull away, even turn you back and walk are effectively giving a sign that your want to ignore him. Just like with other training...if you don't react, his behaviour don't yield the response they want from you...he will try something else. Instead if you react to the good behaviour, penny will eventually drop and he start to use that more often to get what he wants.
Save strong reactions....those are only needed in rare occasions and when dog is not familiar with those from will be almost like 'emergency break'. But you won't get to use that many times in their lives for it to be effective.
Hang in there,terriers can try the patience of a saint at times,even at a young age.
I'm lucky I've got over a 100 years worth of knowledge under my belt. Handed down from my grandad, my dad and what ive learnt. You may find that things change once you can get him out. So dont beat yourself up,they can be little sods at times.
Had all his jabs now.

my gorgeous boy, helps me feel better when I feel down.

Hello all. I really need a bit of reassurance please...

This evening taken Vardy in garden for wee/poo. My mum shut the patio door, Vardy heard it and went running in but smacked his head full on and it made him yelp.

He seems fine and normal. In his crate now for sleep but its made me crazy anxious that its done dangerous damage.

Hopefully seeing vet anyway tomorrow for something else and will mention it but wont stop me worrying now.

Update, he was sick this morning.
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I hope he's OK, EmmaLouise - how does he seem now? Will you be seeing the vet today? My guess is he'll be absolutely fine, but of course you want to be sure.
I hope he's OK, EmmaLouise - how does he seem now? Will you be seeing the vet today? My guess is he'll be absolutely fine, but of course you want to be sure.

Thanks for your reply.

He seems ok and normal. Hes asleep on the sofa next to me now which he normally does at this time.

Tried ringing the vets as was concerned about his ears but she said no appointments today so I mentioned about the head thing which is more important and she said got to wait till she can speak to a vet and will ring me back.

I wouldnt of been as worried if he wasnt sick. apart from that hes seemed normal.
I bet this happens a lot with patio doors , In future just stand infront of the patio doors.
I bet this happens a lot with patio doors , In future just stand infront of the patio doors.

It just happened so suddenly though. I was outside near Vardy. I didnt realise my mum had shut the door and before I realised vardy was running very fast towards it. Im angry at myself. Anyway managed to get an appointment at the vets.
I hope all is well.

One of my dogs charged full tilt into patio doors while I was at a friend's house. He was concussed and I thought he was dead. Tough little so-and-so had a vet check and was fine. I did get him checked over by an animal chiropractor as well (your vet may know one/some).
For your own patio doors, get some stickers or opaque film put on them at dog-sight level, or it is very likely to happen again.
Update, went ok at the vets. She wasn't concerned and just to keep an eye on him.

Thanks for replies. Feel better, more so than little Vardy

Hello all. Latest update from my Vardy. Going through the awkward stage of last baby teeth falling out and his male hormones kicking in, going from boy to man. Hard work but love him loads.

Picture of him with my sister in laws dog.... A picture says a thousand words lol

Oh he is so adorable!!! What a cheeky looking chap!
We found Aggie crunching away on one of her own puppy fangs the other day as if it was a wine gum or something :eek: Hoping that's most of them out now.

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