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Venture Hill Sprint Club

Steve Bryant

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Venture Hill Sprint Club Meeting at Taunton Vale Polo Ground, Sunday 8th August, by kind permission of West Somerset WRC

200 yards Sprint

Admission by programme only, £2 per person, Children under 16 free

Slipping by Mel Nichols

Please arrive and check in before 9am. First Dogs in slips at 9.30am

All Running Dogs welcome

Prepaid entries at £5 per dog to be sent to Venture Sprint Club, Isle of the Hills, Jacks Bush, Lopcombe Corner, Salisbury Wilts SP5 1DA. Cheques payable to S. Ward

Closing date for entries Friday July 30th

Entry forms and further info from Sue Ward on 0790 464 2878
Entry to the events is prepaid but I think they accept dogs for trials on a pay on the day basis but to compeat in the main evet they must be prepaid.
Good day out last year, superb track, will be there again....
Is it done by a double slipper then ??? i guess this is straight racing ??

thanks Josh :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
It's a single slipper (normaly Mr Mel Nicholes) with a double slip lead.

mel is an excelant slipper.
This sounds really good - i have sent off my entry forms today and money so see you all there! :thumbsup:

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