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Vitamin c for dogs


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Hi all. I've joined this forum partly because my dog is the centre of my universe, but also to ask some advice. I've started doing the Diploma in Canine Nutrition and I'm about halfway through. I've hit a bit of a wall, because I am trying to research sources of vitamin C for dogs.

I know there are mixed views on the need to supplement vitamin C.But if it is required (it can be depleted through stress, exercise or may be beneficial for infections) it seems the best form is sodium ascorbate as it is more digestible. There is a form of this sold for dogs in the USA, it's called Mega C Plus, and it is sold by Dr Wendell Belfield is a leading advocate of use of vitamin C, so its a little hard to get a balanced view from his own website.

So; my question is this - do any of you use vitamin C supplements, and if so, in what form? Where do you source them from and how do you rate them?

Any comments and advice will be most gratefully received.

Thanks in anticipation,

Well I use tomatoes for my dog to deal with his need of Vitamin C. Initially I was unsure about feeding tomatoes to the dogs but I read on a popular site that unlike vegetables, Tomatoes are fruit and belong to vine family. As tomatoes are rich with Vitamin C and antioxidants, it is healthy to feed tomatoes to dogs. I am now feeding tomatoes to my dog on regular basis and I think he's quite happy with it. However, I think everything is good only up to a limited extent, so I don't let that amount increase more than two tomatoes per day.
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Hi Jo,

Mineral ascorbates such as calcium ascorbates or sodium ascorbates are less likely to upset the stomach because they are buffered and less acidic but you must remember that since the mineral portion of the supplement is also absorbed, you need to take the dose into account. If there is the need for a Vitamin C supplement my preference is Ester C

Good luck with your studies :- )
Thank you so much for your replies!

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