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Vitamins for new puppy with previous injury


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Hello all :)
I was hoping to get some advice on vitamins.
I am getting a 6 month old mixed breed from Romania soon. She had a previous broken leg that's all healed up nicely.
The vet in Romania says she needs minerals and has her on phosphorus, calcium and vitamin d. I've ordered a supplement that includes these.
I just wondered if anyone else had anything that would be good for her? She has to go on dry kibble initially but would be happy to pay for fresh food etc if it's best for her.
She's had a hard start in life so I want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for when she arrives.
Any advice is welcomed thank you <3
Hi and welcome to the forum:)
I'm sorry I haven't any advice on vitamins or supplements but I wanted to wish you luck with your new addition. There is a section on here with info on Rom rescues but I don't know how to link it:oops:! @JoanneF or @JudyN could you help with that please? We all love photos too:D
Welcome :)

To find good dog foods, check out this site: Also consider raw feeding - there are several fans of raw feeding here, so do ask if you'd like more info.

I'd be tempted to avoid extra supplements to start with, and see what condition she's in when she arrives - get her a thorough vet check, as long as she doesn't find it too scary, and see what your vet thinks (bear in mind that vets aren't generally experts on dog nutrition though). Did the Romanian vet say why she needed the vitamins and minerals she is on - does she have a specific deficiency?
Thank you so much! I've read that and it's very interesting. Certainly will pop pics when she's here <3

Not 100% sure what the vet said, but I've read this certain supplement is good for previous orthopedic injuries so I think that's why. I'll just continue her on it as it won't do any harm and it's what she's used to and when she's settled will see what my vet advises thanks <3
Our dog is also a rescue, and our dog is also a rescue from Romania! They do get tough starts over there, so hats off to you for rescuing her. Once she's had time to settle, I'd book in a check at your vet to make sure she's doing well and you can ask for more advice about her leg/diet. On the night of the arrival of our boy, he was mad in our house, running around excitedly (more likely nervously), but he stank to high heaven so a bath with was in order fairly soon, despite advice to the contrary - he actually took to it rather well, but didn't enjoy it. He's now settled and doing well, he's been with us for just over 6 months and is a member of our family like all of his human counterparts.

Any questions, please ask :)

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