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Vomiting if walk is before breakfast

Cath S

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Those of you who have read previous threads know that Freddie has some health issues including IBD and food tolerances. He has been through a bit of a rough phase eatingwise but seems to be back on track at the moment. Normally he is fed about 8am ish then walked about 10-10.30 ish and then another walk at 5pm ish and fed about 7pm ish. He has a few bedtime biscuits to see him through until breakfast. The problem we currently have is we are needing to walk him earlier (around 7-8ish) due to the hot weather and sometimes to fit in with work as well. He wont eat breakfast super earlier and if we take him out before he has eaten he is sick - it seems that the movement makes his stomach slush around (does that make sense?) and he starts eating grass then vomits. I just wondered what I could do to help with this as I cant feed him immediately beforehand and he wont eat early enough to allow him to rest before a walk. I hate seeing him be sick but sometimes an early walk is a must. Is ok to give him treats before hand if they would help? Thanks in advance
I think it would be fine to give him treats beforehand - after all, most dogs get treats/rewards while on walks. I'm wondering if something fairly bulky, like a Bonio, would work best - but of course you'd have to use whatever works for Freddie's delicate tum.
thanks JudyN. We do have some biscuits similar to Bonio which he has just before bed so maybe a couple of these might work. I just dont want to make things worse for him. If we dont walk him until later he is fine so guess he just needs a little something in his tum before hand! Thanks again
I usually give Timber a couple of gravy bone type biscuits before a walk so he has something in his tummy.

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