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Wagging 'n' Walking

Hiya everyone,

I'm brand new to this forum - but I'm hoping it provides a good way for me to share the word about a big charity dog fair, walk and show that's being hosted in Leicestershire. We're looking for people to help promote the event by putting up posters at their dog clubs / vets / workplaces / schools - if you are interested, please get in touch or email me your address so that I can post them! (

Many thanks (and licks from my two hounds Loki (malamute) and Sigyn (labradoodle)


Sunday, May 26th 2013
Sence Valley Forest Park
  • From 11:00am to 15:00pm
  • Ravenstone Road, Ibstock, Leicestershire LE67, UK
  • 07886851150

Dog owners and doggy fans, don't miss out on the Wagging 'n' Walking dog walk, show & fair on Sunday 26th May 2013 at Sence Valley Forest Park in North West Leicestershire.

Wagging 'n' Walking will be raising money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Sence Valley Volunteers Foundation...and will have everything a dog lover needs for a fun day out with man's best friend!
There'll be animal trainers, dog walking services, doggy treats and accessories, plus hot food and drinks and stalls for owners to enjoy.

11am - fair opens (lots of doggy & owner treats to chose from)
11:30am - dog walk starts (option to do as many laps possible within 3hrs)
2:45pm - Awards ceremony (furriest fundraiser, best behaved, oddest couple etc and raffle draw)

£5 entry for the walk will guarantee your pup entry to the most laps challenge, awards ceremony, event photos and doggy goodie bag
Find them on facebook at

If you want to help fundraise just add Loki Murray on facebook and tell him the name of your dog & tag Loki in a picture of him or, email a picture and a dog name to You will then be sent a 'justgiving' fundraising page to help you raise money for the walk.
Take a look at Loki's fundraising page as an example

For more information on Wagging 'n' Walking contact Sarah Melville at or call 07886 851 150
or If you would like to host a stall at the event, please contact Amy Petterson at or call 07841 209 141

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