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Selling Walkies photography


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We are Walkies in South Wales, we run a rescue and also do behavioural work and grooming. We have recently started a photography service. I have put the details below and attached some pictures, if you like what you see and live in the area we would love to photograph your dog.

We have decided to offer a pamper and photography package, we live on a beautiful farm on the edge of the Black Mountain, near Ammanford in South Wales. We have 13 acres of meadows and woodland with a River running alongside. This makes the perfect backdrop for our photography.

We offer three packages, all of which include a Full bath and full groom , by Charley our fully qualified groomer. Before this we will take your dog for a walk and play around our land, we encourage owners to come as your dogs will be more relaxed with a familiar face around but bring sensible foot wear. We take lots of photographs of your dog having fun and a play if you have a particular photo idea in mind then just ask. While your dog is being groomed tea and coffee is provided in the annexe and a tour around the rescue if you wish , then after the grooming we will take more pictures. Our packages start at £50.00.

All through the process we make sure your dog is relaxed and having fun, we play with them and encourage them to run around this day is all about them , and we use treats to make them pose. We value input from the owners to ensure they get the pictures they want and the owners can be photographed with their dog if they wish too !

There is no obligation to buy but we hope that you do like the photos, our prints are very reasonable and start from £6.50. We do packages which include prints or a large canvas.

Ideal gift for a dog lover, we provide gift vouchers if required.

We have a facebook page called Walkies In Pictures and our website is




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