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Walking mishaps


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There have been several- but the latest was yesterday before I left for weekend away. It was raining all morning but had stopped by 1pm so off I went with August on her walk. Always several muddy patches to walk through very carefully so we took our time and august was having a great time.i was walking a different route back and stepped on a grassy/muddy verge when my foot just went sliding - August continued walking and I ended up in an undignified slide tackle position with my good fleece back and sleeves covered in mud (we always hope just mud)! August came straight back wondering what I was doing on the ground and waited patiently for me to find my feet 😟 and we made the rest of the way home slowly.

This morning I have woken up with a really sore knee and a hobble in my step so happy weekend away for me lol
Oh dear - hope you are more comfortable soon. Dogs are so good for puncturing our dignity! And if it's the slightest comfort - horses are far far worse.
Oh blimey! Hope your weekend away was a planned relaxing one and not some activity weekend!!:eek: Everywhere is so muddy at the moment...

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