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Waterloo Cup

Mark Roberts

The Ringmaster
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There has been a rumour cerculating that the Waterloo Cup due to start on tuesday has been cancelled at the time of writing this is toataly untrue. the meeting will start on tuesday with the first pair in slips at 9am.

any further information will be posted ASP
Hi Barbara  Thanks for the news I visited their site earlyer and it had nothing on about it.

they must have just updated, when I spoke to Mr Blanning last night all was well but unfortunatly things have change. never mind theres always next year the welfare of the farmers & there animales must come first.
HI STE   The Waterloo Cup is definatly OFF :sad:

this is due to the foot & mouth outbreak.

(Edited by Mark Roberts at 7:50 pm on Feb. 24, 2001)
Hi Barbara Good news the Waterloo Cup has not been Cancelled but posponed till later in the year when the foot & mouth has been contained  :biggrin: :biggrin: (the news deserves two)
Hello Mark,

         Please can you tell me how the points systen works with whippet coursing.
Yeah Mark,

         how are the points scored cos the first time I went coursing I was convinced (as 3 others were) that my dog Dallas had won!

Hi Steve,

           in the words of Mr Greenwood....."he pi55ed it!"

Hi Stephen  the points awarding in coursing are quite complicated but ill do my best to make it easy to understand.

points are scored as follows=

THE RUN UP - this is the speed that the two whippets show when released by the slipper to reach the hare this can be 1~1 1/2 points depending on how far the leading dog is in front of its apponant.

THE GO BYE - this is when one of the dogs pass its apponant to take the lead this can be awarded either 2-3 points depending on how well it does it.

THE TURN - this is when one of the whippets make the hare change the direction it wants to run this can be awarded 1 point for each turn

THE WRENCH - this is when one of the whippets gets close enough to the hare to try and get hold of it and manages to get hold of but not keep hold of the hare

THE KILL - this is where most people get confused about coursing, most none coursing people think that the main aim in coursing is to kill the Hare.

the maximum points awarded for the kill is 1 point which clearly shows that the main aim in coursing is for the dogs to work the Hare but not to kill it, NO true coursing supporter enjoys seeing a Hare get cought.

This is why arrian wrote 2000 years ago ~ THE TRUE SPORTSMAN DOES NOT TAKE OUT HIS DOGS TO DESTROY THE HARE BUT FOR THE SAKE OF THE COURSE AND THE CONTEST BETWEEN THE DOGS AND IS GLAD IF THE HARE ESCAPES. if a man could write that passage 2000 years ago what right have people got to try and ban it now?

and to answer your question Scott the judge on the day in question was a fully liscenced judge with many years experiance in coursing unfortunatly after seeing the video i must agree with yourself that on this occasion he may have got it wronge but being the true sportsman that you are you did not question him but you stoud by his decision which only goes to show what a nice responsible bunch coursing people are.


(Edited by Mark Roberts at 8:27 pm on Feb. 25, 2001)
Hi Scott  Do you not think HE SHOULD OF WON sounds better...?


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