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Weird Baldy Bits On Dog's Side?

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Nasty....Hope the help from here gets a result! Poor Charlie :(
dawn said:
Demodectic Mange
A common skin disease of dogs, demodectic mange (canine demodecosis) is caused by the mite Demodex canis. This mite is found as a normal resident in the hair follicles of all dogs. Mites are naturally transmitted from nursing mothers to their puppies within the first few days of life. Signs of disease appear only when mites reproduce unchecked and occur in unnaturally high numbers .

In mild cases, signs of demodectic mange include itching and scratching, reddened or scaly skin, blackheads, and patchy hair loss. More severe cases are accompanied by widespread hair loss, pustules (pimples), and a crusty appearance of affected areas. The head and feet are most commonly involved.

That was my thoughts right from the first post. The skin doesn't have the typical red ring look that ringworm has.

The case of demodectic mange I came across all had hair loss evenly around both eyes,

muzzle and feet. The bald patches were not so sharply bordered like in this pic, but went gradually from almost bald, through just thinning to the normal dense coat. The shape of this certainly looks like a ringworm (NOT ALL GLOW) but ringworm is usually self-limiting and this has been going on for a long time, doesn't it? It is possible I believe, for animals with weakened immune system to have it for a long time, but in that case it is not localized, it keeps popping up all over.

Lida :unsure:
Initially when you said bald patches on the side, I thought 'hormonal problems' as this is quite common, not necessarily in whippets but in other breeds they do tend to get a slight thinning of the coat on the side - I know our Deerhound had it when he was young.

But looking at the photos, mange seems much more likely as it is so severe. If it is ringworm though, tea tree oil works a treat, I know I got it at Glastonbury quite a few years ago after rolling in the mud! :lol:
Thanks for the replies everyone :thumbsup:

I must admit that Phil his owner is annoying me slightly over this :unsure: He has in fairness gone to the vets about it :) BUT!! if my vet had said to me yes there is something wrong :unsure: rub this steroid cream into it and nothing had happened in fact quite the opposite it had got worse :unsure:

I'd have been screaming from the hilltops that my dog wasn't getting better :eek:

What I can't understand is :unsure: surely if it was mange or ringworm they must be fairly common complaints that should be diagnosed fairly swiftly and dealt with :unsure:

But this has been going on for quite a while now and seems only to be getting worse :unsure: he's someone I know I can talk frankly to :- " should I just tell him his vet is rubbish and seek another oppinion :unsure: or are skin complaints so varied that its understandable that this should be going on for so long :unsure:


Steve, tell him to get his *rse back to the vet. If the vet is stumped then I would suggest skin biopsies and scrapes are the next step, followed by a referral to a dermatologist. Scrapes will rule out demodex or sarcoptes (although it looks like neither, I have once seen a weird localised demodex), and a biopsy will tell you what sort of reaction is occurring in the skin, and can throw up various diagnoses. Ringworm's a possibility but it's usually either better or more generalised after this period of time, and I would expect the hair around the edge of the lesion to be much more broken if that was the case anyway.

If the vet doesn't want to investigate further, then I'd advise him to either ask for a referral or go for a second opinion.
fallenangel said:
is it nere his hips on his side i know some greyhounds if stresses or feedup nibbel in theres areas but its only noticabel on sertan colours and usualy when there coats thinner in the summer. our boris does it sometimes nad it can get in a haddit so i put somthink yuky tasting on the area for a few days and hes fine again. he usualy gets it if we had to go out morethan usual and leave him.
Snoop had the same problem when he was small.At first the vet said it was fleas even though there were no signs and Gucci wasnt showing any signs of hair loss either.It was still their after treatment.We tried changing his diet and that helped to some degree but he is quite a stress head and Gucci has'nt a care in the world.So I tend to think this has a hand in things.He's been fine for the past 5 months now so fingers crossed. :cheers:
Am I imagining that or is there a beginning of another spot at the top right hand corner of this pic? And yes, dermatological problems are one of the hardest to diagnose. Is the colour of the bald spot darker than his normal skin? If this is the colour of rest of him, I have a feeling that is not quite right??? Under his armpit it looks rather dark?
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Two of mine used to nibble themselves when they were stressed, we started to feed them bran flakes for breakfast (vets advice) and it got better and they have never had problems since.
Jones said:
The tiny whippet Charlie who comes up the fields with us has always had a little bald patch on his side  :unsure:   recently its got bigger and another one has appeared next to it  :(
Their little circles that look like his coat has been shaved in that spot  :unsure:   they don't look sore but the owner is concerned that its seemingly spreading and that his vet has no ideas about it  :unsure:

So I said I would ask all you clever people on here if you had any ideas  :thumbsup:



ring-worm.... or canine crop-circles? Watch the skies....

Hope he's getting better.
Seraphina said:
Am I imagining that or is there a beginning of another spot at the top right hand corner of this pic?  And yes, dermatological problems are one of the hardest to diagnose.  Is the colour of the bald spot darker than his normal skin?   If this is the colour of rest of him, I have a feeling that is not quite right???  Under his armpit it looks rather dark?
No your not imagining it, he has a few spots that look like they are going to turn the same way and end up as a baldy patch :unsure: If you look at the first pic there's another patch on his upper thigh and he has another one thats not visible in the pic :(

I'll probably speak to him today :thumbsup: so I'll try and get a bit more info out of him as to what the vet has said to him :unsure:

All I know is that the first time I saw it the vet had said it was some sort of parasite and given him a shampoo to use, he's now using a steroid cream so presumably sometime between now and then the diagnosis has changed :unsure:

Thanks everyone,

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