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Weird behaviour


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My Rough collies behaviour is gradually getting worse and worse. He's almost 6 years old.
I have 2 collies. The elder one is getting extremely snarly for no reason.
He is constantly going for the other dog
If we laugh at the telly or speak in an excited tone. He starts growling and barking
If we cook our tea as soon as we start putting it into plates he starts snarling and growling even baring teeth.
Also had a few occassions of him peeing over his bed. I thought at first this was territorial to stop the other dog using it but he's started doing it again.
I darent leave him near anyone.
He did have a few fits when younger but they seem to have stopped.
Anyone any ideas?
Has anything at all changed in his environment or routine? This could be something that seems like nothing to you - new family down the end of the road, a new electrical device that might let out a high-frequency noise...

How old is the other dog, and how long have you had him/her for? Are they both neutered? Was the older one always a bit nervy in the past, or was he generally chilled and easy-going? How well did they get on previously?

Your first step needs to be a full vet check, including bloodwork - and I would at least ask about whether this could be linked to his earlier fits.

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