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Well Behaved Dogs

Official Well Behaved Dogs 2022-06-07

Nick Battrick

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Well Behaved Dogs
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Nick Battrick submitted a new resource:

Well Behaved Dogs - Well Behaved Dogs champions all dogs. Even the difficult ones. Especially the difficult ones

Simply put, we’re here to give people the tools to help their dogs to lead their best possible lives.
I believe that dogs have a better life when they have a better relationship with their owner. And that comes from trust and understanding on both sides.
My role is to help build that relationship, prevent the frustration and ensure the dog is able to fulfil its role properly.
I help owners discover why the behaviour is happening and help them to modify it with love and leadership.

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Hmm. You speak about dogs trying to assume a pack leadership role, that's the flat earth theory of dog training - it's been thoroughly debunked, but some people still cling to it and it won't go away.

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