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West wittering whippet walks photo gallery - 05/03/17


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Hi All,

We recently went on our second Whippet Walk at West Wittering Beach - Organised by The Whippet Hotel & Whippets Snippets Photography!

We're going to be making a photo gallery for each walk for everyone to enjoy - Our first gallery can be seen here -

If you want to find out more info on the walk please see our first post about it here -

Next walk is on 14th May 2017 and will be held in several locations across the UK:

West Sussex: East Head, West Witterings Beach -

Gloucestershire: Crickley Hill -

Leeds: Roundhay Park -

North Wales: Flintshire

Linconshire: Anderbury Creek

Worcestershire : Malvern Hills

Swindon: Nightingale Woods

Scotland (Aberdeenshire) - Balmedie beach :

Scotland (Glasgow) :

Scotland (Linlithgow) :


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