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Wetherspoon Pubs


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How many of you dog owners visit a Wetherspoon pub whilst you are out and about with your dog?
Well there is a new policy from the owner Tim Martin, only assisted dogs are allowed either inside or in the outside areas (if it has one) no other dogs are allowed to go in the outside area with the owners, not allowed on Wetherspoon premises.
How bad is that, so as far as I'm concerned even if Lexi is not with us I will not be using a Wetherspoon pub again until this policy has been changed.
This has been their policy for several years - I really don't know why they prohibit dogs outdoors but there are plenty of other welcoming places where I can take my business. Check out - it's extensive and has food ratings too.
I was turned away from the one in Caerphilly last Easter. They were nearly empty too whilst the dog friendly pub a few yards further down was heaving. As we were a party of 8 they lost quite a big lunch order.

There's a new Wetherspoon opening on the 18th Sept in my nearest town. I won't be trying it out. They'll be the only pub in the area that doesn't allow dogs I think
Our local one claims not to allow dogs in the outside area but seems to turn a blind eye to them - plenty of people take them.

I don't have a problem with an outdoor dog ban if there's only a small garden area. As a family pub, they may want children to be able to run and play, and even crawl, in the area, and that's not a good mix with many dogs, some of whom will inevitably pee and even poo in the area. And for every however many sweet-natured small puppies who will behave themselves and love being cuddled by children, there will be some great big fanged beast with fear aggression who sprawls over half the garden and refuses to move, and whose owner refuses to accept that it's not the right environment for them.

There's a pub not so far from here that welcomes dogs but doesn't allow children :D

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