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What animal could this be?


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We are back to hiking in the woods, after winter hiatus during cold weather.

Enough snow (and ice) on the trails to keep the recreational dog-walking folks on the paved and cleared roadways, which means Miles is running off leash, free to find and chase geese in a pond or follow the tracks...

Talking about the tracks, below is an example next to a full size grown up foot, for comparison. It's 2-3 times bigger than Miles's pawprint in the snow, and Miles I thought has big paws. What is it, someone ginormous dog, or something wild?





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:D:D:D Sorry @JoanneF.. I didn't mean 'I' found literally, I meant I found the image online:oops::rolleyes:, just googled wolf tracks in snow...:D
Aw, I got all excited for a bit.

A few years ago we were travelling between Spain and France in the motorhome. It would have been September time. We had skied in the Pyrenees years before and we thought one of the huge car parks at the ski resort would be the perfect place for the night. It was - a nice walk on the trails for T before dark, completely by ourselves, and when it got dark, it was really, really dark. There was a beautiful starry sky, and absolutely no light pollution.

Then we heard the howling.

I can't remember whose turn it was to take Timber out for last weewees. Probably mine.
That's one huge pawprint!!! :eek: Could it be a bear? Or a REALLY big dog breed like a Newfoundland etc?

Gorgeous photos of your dog BTW :)

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