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What do you feed your dog?


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Just curious what you all are feeding your dogs.
Raw meat and bones, as many types as possible !!.
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Natural Dog Food company dry food. We also add veg/fruit and cooked chicken.

Old dog with few teetch so can't get on with bones anymore but the sometimes enjoys a carrot to chew on.
raw food and natural treats as snacks from Dried Dog Treats company , some carrots for yorkie(she loves it) and cheese biscuits every time they are good :- )
I am considering putting my dog who is 12 on a raw food diet, currently she is on purina pro plan for seniors and is doing well on that.

Firstly would I be mad to change and secondly any advice fir a raw food diet balanced for her needs would be helpful.

Many thanks

No you would not be mad to change your oldie onto a raw diet.

My oldie was a very fit and healthy old lady at 14 years, fed on raw for most of her life, unfortunately it was her old heart that let her down!

Use plenty of meat varieties raw bones for calcium and an assortment of offal. Fruit and veg if you wish but not essential.

Raw does not have to be ballanced every day, it will ballance itself over a period of a couple of weeks.

If you are unsure about the ballance of your raw food try using "SmartBarf" as a suppliment for peace of mind.

Of course there is always Natures Menu frozen complete raw meals all in convinent bite sise nuggets. Fantastic!

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