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What do you recommend feeding my new lurcher puppy?


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Hi I'm looking for some recommendations on what to feed my new lurcher.
I feed my lurcher raw, as do several others on the forum - I'd strongly recommend it. We have a post about it here: Raw feeding

If you prefer a kibble, the website is a good place to start. You can put in size, type, age of dog and your budget, and they will recommend different foods.

Do tell us more about your lurcher - photos would be great!
For the first couple of weeks, keep him on the same food as the breeder was using, to avoid any more upheaval on his system. Then, if you want to change, do it gradually over a couple of weeks, mixing slightly more new with old each time.

Have a look at

It is an independent dog food comparison website which scores all types of foods (dry, raw, wet) out of 100. You can set filters for your dog's breed, weight, age etc. and for your daily budget; then you can add in any specific needs you have such as aiming for weight loss or avoiding specific ingredients. The website will automatically show the foods listed in order of what the assessors believe is best quality, and it also will show daily feeding cost (calculated from your dog's age and weight) so you can see what gives you best value for money. It has its limitations but it's a decent place to start.
I feed my lurchers raw ...I have fostered lots of lurchers and have switched them over to raw immediately pups and older dogs ...;)
Our rescued whippet has been on a raw diet for about five months and it has all gone really well. Only problem has been having sufficient space in the freezer which is no big deal.

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