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We tried our old boy on it about 5 years ago and it didn't suit him at all..but he dose have a very sensitive pup is weighed every 2 weeks and her food is weighed..i take her training treats from the weighed amount and i also use a few fish 4dogs treats..her food is put down..she is made to wait..give paw..what ever other time waster things I can think of to make her work abit then.she is told good girl..she get 20mins and if she hasn't touched it its gets taken up..i don't free feed I'm afraid..this method usually works for picky dogs..she isn't picky though..just bored..she has had the same food day in day out for 5months so who can.blame her ?
I feed orijen large breed puppy to Willow, but I'm just swapping over to Millies wolfgeart hunters mix because she got bored with orijen..and as much as I don't mind paying for good quality food..i do mind paying for stuff I'm throwing away. Would have liked to fed her raw but I struggled with understanding the nutritional needs of a growing large breed for now I will feed the best dry food I can and when she I 12months ish I'm going to investigate raw
The are many complete raw food brands out their but it works out more expensive to feed this way. Raw is just another form of feeding but some owners take it like its the only way you should feed your dog. I was feeding raw but it didn't suit my mini schnauzer her beard all ways got matted and she was all ways hungry.

Be sure your dog is not getting extra food elsewere as this is a common cause of pickyness. We often forget about the amount of food we feed during training and on walks it should be deducted from your dogs daily food rations.

Theoreticlly speaking you could wieght your dogs food out and use it all as part of training which is a much more productive and healthier way to feed as bowls cause all manor or health problems and behaviour issues.
It doesn't always work out more expensive to feed raw. Molly's food is half chicken bought from the human food stream at £4 for a little over a month's worth of breakfasts, and half Durham Animal Foods raw mince, which comes in at 60p a day, which together adds up to about 75p daily feed cost for a 40kg dog.

I don't want to persuade people who aren't happy to feed raw to feed raw and it clearly didn't suit your little one (although if she was always hungry that suggests that she was having either too little or the wrong mix to eat) but for the dogs that struggle to digest cooked and processed food, raw feeding can give them an amazing boost in health and digestion.
I fed her the right quantity and gave her enough variety but even on complete brands of raw she did not fill up were as my cocker would get full now she is on wet/dry that seems better for her I am most definately not saying that its best but I do believe their are a lot of myths about raw which are believed as fact and also large number of dog owners form poor feeding habbits on raw and are happy to make asumptions based on their single experience.

The same is with wet/dry feeders owners just fail to make informed decisions because the information available on the topic is miss guided. I do think its safer feeding wet or dry as long as you have gone for a good quality food.

I find cheap raw is too high in water in blood or in bone or use some kind of cheaper meat to fill out their product because they know most owners wont even look on the ingrediants just go by what family and friends say.
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It's hard to say which is the best as everyone has their opinion. We have a 15year old Lab who has thrived on Natural Dog Food Company for years. She came with Pedigree tins etc from the Breeder which shows they don't always know best!! Once we read the ingredients we switched straight away.

Raw was not an option for us as it passed straight through and she turned her nose up at some, getting everything balanced was also difficult.

Each to their own. However, it we can all agree that most dog food brands, especially the larger (profit driven) ones that advertise as natural are just rubbish! Look at the ingredients.
Yes there are lots of dog food that in my opinion isn't fit for sale.. That is the same with treats.. We have a natural dog treat website that sells all natural treats made with human grade ingredients

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