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What is your trick to clip nails of your dogs?

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I am too much of a wimp to do it myself and have it done at the vet 🤷‍♀️
Me too. Partly because I don't want to die on that hill, partly because I don't want to destroy the trust we have, partly because the vet groomer is far more skilled, and has sharper tools than I do - and partly because I rather like having ten fingers.
I note that this is a very old post but couldn't resist telling about my husbands experience today at the vet's.
He took one of the girls to the vet for a toe nail that was causing a very painful problem, at the same time he asked if the vet would clip her nails as she is not an easy dog to manage with regards to the noise she makes while having this done. She is very very noisy and screams when nails are cut at home and we thought that she would act differently if the vet did it.
My husband warned the vet that she would scream VERY LOUDLY, well to start with the vet sorted the nail that was causing a problem, the screaming started as we expected and continued while he clipped all of her nails. One of the other vets on duty entered the consulting room offering help and assistance thinking that there must have been a big problem! Hmm; no problem, our silly dog was sitting on the table while the vet clipped her nail,s no muzzle required and other than my husband holding her on the table and talking to her she was fine.
She insisted on screaming until the job was finished and no harm was done!

Everyone at the vets and in the waiting room could not believe that the dog who had just made so much noise actually walked out of the consulting room with all 4 feet still intact and with not a care in the world !!
All of our dogs tolerate their have nails cut and filed, this silly girl considers herself different !
Have you tried one of the mini nail grinders? We used to use it on lady as I hate cutting dog claws (plus one time the vet made her bleed and it put her off)
I'm the same get done at vets it's on my pet plan they do it in 5 mins. I'm a wimp to. So it feels like it's free 😌
Was havnig an issue too but like others not making a fuss and involving treats has helped

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