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What should I be feeding my puppy?


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We introduced our pup to his new home some 10 weeks ago and he came with a variety of information from the breeder. He was fed on Beta Puppy, so we continued with this until 4 weeks ago when he decided that he didn't want to eat and would much rather eat nothing than his dry food. After a trip to the vet revealed that he wasn't ill, we decided to add some tinned puppy meat to encourage him to eat. This worked and all was back to normal. My partner then picked up the wrong dry food and started feeding him bakers puppy. He has not been ill and now has the most amazing shiny coat, so I wasn't worried until I started reading about the ingredients in some of these foods. What does a dog need? What mustn't I feed him? I want to give him what he needs without giving him processed food ideally and something that will be beneficial to him.

Thank you for reading my rambles :geek:
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Dog food is a very controversial subject I am afraid some people believe what they feed is correct and everyone else is wrong, I personally think that what foods suit one dog don't suit every dog, I believe buy the best you can afford and if your dog eats it, enjoys it and looks well, is healthy, not overweight and their poo is good and solid then carry on as you are :thumbsup:

I have tried various foods over the years with my 3 dogs during different life stages and at the moment my oldest is on James Wellbeloved and my youngster is on Purina Hypoallergenic (has allergies to pretty much everything else) Good Luck :luck:
Thank you 'murphyrules' I am currently researching a dry food by vet John Burns, which looks good but pricey. I wish I had done my research before purchasing my pup as I now feel that I have not given him the best start. My previous dog would only eat cheap working food and I never read the ingredients or questioned it! He was a giant breed dog and lived a healthy life until he was 11 :)
Hi, there are a lot of different foods out t here but I had a really good result from Angell Petco Salmon & White Fish Complete Puppy food, it is a really good simple recipe with no chemicals in it, my puppy really thrived on it and is now on their adult salmon food, i looked at all the big brands but they all had preservatives in and other junk and i didnt want to give my puppy any of that stuff, angell is a good price too. :- )
Hello there,

Here at The Natural Dog Food Company we have taken great care to select the right type and quality of ingredients to ensure that everything your dog needs is present.

This makes us the first truly balanced complete diet and is the first 100% natural dog food on the market.

We do not use wheat, soya, dairy or any artificial additives.

Our Lamb is human grade from grass fed, non-intensively farmed British animals.

Our Chicken and Turkey comes from human grade non-battery farming units. They have access to outside and are left to grow at a natural rate.

Lastly our Salmon is sourced exclusively from sustainable Scottish salmon farms.

Our fresh meat puppy range has everything your puppy requires to stay fit and healthy with a shiny coat and happy tummy and grow and develop into the healthy adult dog you want.

Feel free to look at our range of dog food at

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