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What's a healthy treat?


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I've always left my 7month old with a hide chew (usually Great and Small brand) to keep her busy when we go out, plus sometimes a filled Kong. However I've just found out that these hide chews may be both dangerous as a choking risk and not very healthy for her. Also given her dried pigs ears. Does anyone know if this is correct and if so can anyone suggest what I could give her.
We are very lucky in our area to have a pet shop run by a family that care about dog health. They do not stock unhealthy food or treats. They do not stock brown rawhide chews but do stock the white ones. I presume that these are sterilised? I must ask next time I am in there.

Of course a stuffed Kong is as healthy as you like to make it. They can be frozen to make them last longer.
Beef scalp is popular, as are trachea but tbh I haven't used them so don't know how long they last. I use pizzle and until this week I would have said that they are great but there is a risk of choking on anything when it is chewed down to the last few inches. But this week I saw full length pizzles that were - honestly - three feet long! So even cutting them in half or thirds would keep a dog busy for ages, depending on the dog size. Unfortunately (not for me that is ...) I am in Spain right now so I have no idea where you might get them at home but if you research I am sure you could find them. Please let us know if you do, the full length ones are far cheaper inch by inch and Mr F has a saw ...
Thank you both for your replies. I've never heard of pizzles but love the word! I will investigate further. My local pet store (chain) stocks various animal parts, eg: pigs ears, chicken feet and other bits and pieces. Would I be right in assuming these would be healthy?

Sorry to hear that you are missing the drizzle and grey sky I have at the moment JoanneF!
Pizzles are the male part haha! Mine love a pizzle but never seen them particularly large.....we have a daycar/shop near us that sells a wonderful assortment of treats - chicken feet, dried fish, pizzles, dried liver, all sorts!

I don't have kongs for mine but I do have balls which you can fill. because my circumstances changed and the dogs are now left on their on their own for a few hours in the Mornings, I only give them half their breakfast and put the other half into there balls to keep them occupied when they are out and this seems to keep them happy.
Tripe sticks! Also I have a large green plastic dish with large knobles sticking up from it! If I am going out for any length of time I put dog meat, yoghurt, anything you can think of between these knob less and keeps her busy for awhile. The idea is that it resembles eating from a bony carcass. For the life of me I can't remember what it is called but you would probably find it under interactive pet toys on Google.

I am going to buy one of these pizzles just so I can take a photo of it!
I would love to know where to get the full length "pizzles", my lot love them but they are too expensive when buying for 5 to 6 dogs.

We will have to put up with the many raw bones that we get from our butcher each week.

If you find a uk supplier who sells the 3ft ones please let us know.
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I'm in Spain at the moment and I didn't even know they existed until I saw them here. I will get one and post a photo. And the cost. I'll ask the pet shop owner where he gets them too.
I have to be careful with what my Husky eats due to sensitive and intolerant digestive system so finding healthy treats has been a challenge. What I came across recently is dried sweet potato which can be cut into small pieces or given as a larger chew. Good for teeth as well as keeping happy. I have also put mashed sweet potato into a Kong and frozen. Sprats (dried) are also healthy....just very smelly!
Forgot to reply earlier but here you go with the 31 inch puzzle - apparently they are being sold at Crufts, an acquaintance is finding out details for me!

Also they were just over 6 euros so a lot cheaper!



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