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Whippet Burp - Do All Dogs Burp?


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(w00t) do all whippets burp or is just mine!!!!!!!!! :- " (w00t)
The girls do it to :))
Our Wolfie does an old man.... :D
Blue likes to do it when he's giving me a cuddle so I get a burp right in the face :blink:
Tina does it too.......and gets told off by her dad for being most unladylike!!! :lol:

In other's ALWAYS when she's sitting next to Neil that she does it :- " She farts next to him too but never next to me o:) :lol:
oh yes (w00t)

she likes to do it after her my face :x
its not just whippets, JRT's do it too (w00t) she walks into the livingroom after her tea and lets out this sluchy burp that rolls from her feet lol.
My whippets are very dignified and let out polite burps behind their paws...

... but the IGGIES (w00t) - they stare you straight in the face and belch their pants off (w00t) :teehee: :lol:
Maisie does enormous ones always after her breakfast and supper.

So although she is a whippety lurcher, she must have a LOT of whippet in her!
Not just whippets, my greyhounds Max and Tiny burp after their food. Max likes to burp as a thank you for a nice dinner - the bigger the burp the better the dinner. And Tiny comes to me after he has eaten to be burped - you have to pat his chest until he lets rip! (w00t)
Gracie burps, usually while she is sat on my knee looking into my face :x :lol:
My boys very, very rarely burp, if they do it's quiet and discrete. BUT they often stand close to you and then slowly sidle away, leaving the most GODAWFUL lingering stench behind (usually if we have visitors)- the kind of smell they makes you want to take out your eyeballs and bleach them! They are most definately stealth farters not burpers.
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