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New Home Needed Whippet girl needs new forever home.


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I have a 2 year old whippet bitch. She's house trained and sprayed. She's good with kids as she was brought up with 3. She is looking for a home as she was my daughter's dog but my daughter has 2 husky, which 1 of them will not tolerate her and goes for her constantly. I already have 3 dogs who are over 12 and 2 of them aren't well. The whippet just wants to play but it's upsetti g my older ones. 1 of my older dogs has a brain tumour and is on borrowed time and just can't cope with a younger dog. This has been a hard decision for all concerned but we have to make one. It's not fair on the whippet as she's missing out on such a lot. Please get in touch if your looking for a whippet to join you.

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Hi I have recently lost my whippet bitch at 10yrs old. I live on the Isle of Wight not sure we’re you are but might be interested in helping rehome your little dog DebFlux

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