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Whippet harness - advice sought


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As with most sighthounds our whippet’s neck is wider than her head so using a conventional sighthound collar doesn’t work - she can back out of it easily as we found when we went to collect her from the rescue rep. Since then we’ve used a harness. I started her with a Ruffwear harness which is very secure but somewhat bulky. I then tried a Dexil which is slightly lighter but comfortably padded. Both the Ruffwear and the Dexil harnesses are secure. However for warmer weather (I’m a born optimist - albeit disappointed most days) I tried her today in a lighter Doodlebone harness. Unfortunately when I wanted to go forward and she didn’t share my interest the harness was pulled off. Fortunately she allowed me to ‘reharness’ her, something she wouldn’t have done 12 months ago - she would have legged it. Does any sighthound owner use a light but secure harness which they would recommend? Something similar to the Dexil but lighter.
Hi. I have a whippet and we use the ruff wear ones for him they seem to suit him okay no problems so far
I use ruffwear in the winter on my youngest whippet but in the summer they wear Indi dog harness made for escape artists! I find also the ruffwear to heavy for the warmer weather.
What is the purpose of the harness?
Our hound practically always wears one when out, but mostly for visibility. When on leash in town - so humans can see him; when off leash in the woods - so he doesn't get mistaken for a coyote if he chases a deer, and so I myself can see him (he blends in easily). It's loose fitting, light, bright orange with reflective stripes.
If this was a harness to which leash is attached - requirements would be different.
Either way - we can only have a "Y" type harness, any other kinds we have tried did not work.
Many thanks, all. Your contributions are appreciated. Will have a look at the Indi.

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