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Whippet - Kidney failure


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Hello All,
Would like help with caring for my whippet, Paisley he is over 14 years old and has been diagnosed kidney failure, not producing any red blood cells therefore anemic. lost lot of weight and gone off food.
Can anyone recommend foods he may be tempted to eat.

thank you all
Does he have any dietary limitations? I thought that dogs with kidney failure had to avoid carbs, but that's just based on a friend's dog with failing kidneys. Whatever anyone does suggest, do please check with your vet if you think they might not be in his interests.

What I would say is that, if you don't think he will be with you for long, this is the time for absolutely spoiling him... as long, of course, as that doesn't involve giving him foods that make him feel bad. I rather regret not giving my dog cake, ice creams and pasties in his last days.
I agree 100% with JudyN. With the blessing of your vet indulge him. Ours would always fall on chicken. I wish you both well.
When we found out Murphy was in kidney failure I put him on a special diet which he ate reluctantly (he loved his food ) this was my big regret ...I wished I had given him exactly what he wanted but as he was only 10 I thought I was doing the best and advised by the vet ....
If he were mine I would let him eat what he wants ....I really feel for you ......xx

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