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Whippet not filling out?

K. Smith

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I have a whippet named Checkers and she's turning two on August 1st. She reached her full height (19" at the shoulder) at around a year old, but her body still seems like it hasn't filled out yet. Does filling out take longer than reaching full height? It seems like she has show potential, but I want to know if this could count against her.
Maybe it's just me, or the fact that she's on the smaller side of whippets, but she just doesn't look as lengthy as others.

"filling out" generally refers to adult muscle-mass, replacing the leggy colt-like look of a ribby teenager.
o.o ... -.- ... o.o
Body-length doesn't really enter into it.

Is she scrawny, at 2-YO? -- Praps U could share a photo of her. :)
Show quality dogs are good representatives of their breed's type - they meet the standard, which means their phenotype matches the description of the breed; they're recognizable as Lithuanian Linzerhunds, or whatever the case might be.
Her head, including eye set, ear set, skull proportions, ear carriage, her neck length per body size, & so on, are as they should be. Moreover, she needs to be comfortable in a show venue to show well - a relaxed & happy dog who is less-perfect will show much better than an anxious dog who is gorgeous, but wants only to leave the ring.

- terry

Hi i keep whippets a 4 year-old, 21 month and 11 weeks.
My 21 month also looks like he needs to fill out, i added more protein to his food and a handful of puppy food but hes still skinny next to Marley. Speaking to my breeder yes they can take longer to fill out it can be perfectly normal for whippets but also remember all whippets can look different. Marley my oldest is 15kg and all muscles , Oliver is 12.3kg and his muscles are just filling out now and I've just come to accept this is how Oliver looks and he'll fill out in time :) it took Marley between 2-3years to look the way he is now.
Whats the weight of your whippet?
If im right thats just over 11kg? And shes 19 inches? She sounds fine to me . Oliver is 20 inches and 12.3kg and theres a month between them, remember whippets are meant to be petite. I wouldn't worry, It takes a while for them to reach their full size. She sounds just right to me :)
I added puppy food and eggs etc to Oliver's food but it made no difference they'll build up in their own time. She sounds like a little girl to me :)
If you would like more reassurance, you could maybe post a couple of photos of her here - one standing, from the side and one standing from directly above.

Even if you don't need reassurance, we love photos:D
25 lbs and 19 inch sounds fine to me. As to showing, unfortunately quite a few in the ring nowadays are to tall but still get placed. I am more used to racing Whippets now and they vary from 16 lbs to 32 lbs which is how Whippets have been for some time but I am sure a lot of show Whippets would be over weight and thus not allowed to race. In reality if your girl is energetic and happy I am sure she's fine. It is often said that for a Whippet to be the correct weight you should just see three ribs when they are standing straight. (Note that is JUST see not that the ribs are poking out). If you do wish to show her I would suggest you start by attending a ring craft class near you, this will give both you and her practice and allow you to talk to others.

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