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Whippet peeing all the time


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So we have had our pup for two weeks Tuesday. She has settled in well, had second injections, been wormed and flea treatment. Had a wee infection so had a 5 day course which finished three days ago, she also had diarrhoea so had stuff to settle her tum. A few times she will wee all the time, lots of clear liquid, then a small amount then nothing, even though she needs to go. Some days she is normal, wees every hour, normal colour wee. It's like she can't stop herself and just wees where she is. She has been on rice and scrambled egg yesterday and today, but still has a bad tummy. I will pop her back to the vets tomorrow, but any ideas?
So, is she about 10 weeks old? When you say she weeks every hour (which is not abnormal for a pup) what's different about the weeing you are concerned about?

Has she been tested for Giardia?
About 10/11weeks

So when "normal" she wees ever hour or so.

When she is abnormal she wees clear liquid over a 10/20 min period.

So a lot, then some more then some more, then a little. It's like she has no control and walks along weeing.

No she hasn't been tested
I'd guess the infection hasn't quite cleared. If you can take a sample tomorrow, that would help for targeted antibiotics and the first wee of the day is supposed to be best. If you haven't done it before, a ladle is a good way to collect a sample.

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