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Whippet puppy - 14 weeks old!


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Hello Everyone,

I have a 14 week old whippet puppy, and she's really great. Can be a bit of a handful at times, but nothing out of the ordinary I don't think!

The one thing I'm struggling with a little is leaving her alone - at night she sleeps in her crate in the living room, and she's absolutely fine. However, the second I leave the room, whether my partner is there or not, she just whines. If I leave the flat, and he stays with her, she will keep whining at the door - sometimes on and off for hours! Is this the beginning of separation anxiety? Should I be doing something now to avoid any future problems?

Thanks all!!
My dogs do the same when i leave them with my hubby ...interestingly not when i leave them with my mum ....
Really keen to stop this behaviour, but have no clue where to begin!
For now, I'd let her follow you when you leave the room. It will increase her confidence, and gradually she'll feel safe to stay in the room she's in when you go into another room. It can help if she has something to occupy her, like a Kong or a chew, or if she's sleepy and lying in the sunny spot.

It's also best to avoid leaving her for too long if possible, so she can get used to your absences gradually. Your partner can make this 'fun time' by playing with her or giving her treat balls, etc. It might also help if he does more of the routine feeding, training and walking.

There's an article I wrote on separation anxiety on another forum here: Separation anxiety - Positively | Victoria Stilwell | Forum I'm not an expert, it's just a summary of what I learned with my dog. Hope it helps:)
Thanks JudyN, will check out the article you wrote! Much appreciated :)

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