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Whippet with a balding tail!


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Hey all

Hoping someone can help. My little whippet boy's tail has started to go bald recently and I don't know what is causing it! He is otherwise absolutely fine, all worming, fleaing up to date etc and not a thing wrong with him in any other way there is just a bald strip on the top of his tail! He doesn't chew it or anything? I have ready that it can be common in kennelled greyhounds but can't see anything specific to whippets.

many Thanks
Hair loss can be a symptom of several different conditions. You should get your Whippet checked by a vet to be safe.
It's possibly where he sits down on it and the fur wears a bit- this is very common with whippets due to the fine skin and fur
Apparently it's very common in blue whippets (he is blue) something to do with the skin pigment! Learn something new everyday
it is commonly called stud tail and happens in bitches too, down to hormones
Sid has a bald tail....I was told it is hormonal. He is 12.6 now and it has never caused him any problems.

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