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on the rocks

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This topic has most likely already been already posted before :- " but thought I'd bring it up and see who trims whiskers etc.. and who dosn't and what are your thoughts on it.

Well when I show I trim, I live in the south Island of New Zealand and can say not many south islanders trim their whippets whiskers.

But a lot of breeders owners do in the North Island.
Never ever trimmed my whippy's whiskers.I've trimmed horses whiskers for showing and racing,but not ever done this to a dog.

I Know of one or two peps that do , and they have shown horses or ponies in the past , personnally I wouldn`t , I can`t see the point of doing it :b

I dont think it enhances a dogs looks and no judge would/ should knock a dog for having whiskas ( or not !)

,There is nothing in the K C breed standard about whiskas :p
Lyd, Do you trim your wiskers befor a show? :blink:
[SIZE=14pt]Cartman !!![/SIZE]

You can`t ask a [SIZE=14pt]LADY [/SIZE] that!!!! :eek:
JAX said:
[SIZE=14pt]Cartman !!![/SIZE]

    You can`t ask a  [SIZE=14pt]LADY [/SIZE]    that!!!! :eek:
It's Lyd he's asked? :- "
Oh Lyd. In view of my comment I've decided to go to Sarah's early so we won't be seeing one another tomorrow. Also I can't make ringcraft this week.

Will a week be long enough for Lyd to calm down I wonder. :- "

No, leave whiskers on. I only trim the underside of the tail and at the back of the hindleg if it stands away from the leg. There seems to be a trend in the UK at the moment with some exhibitors to clip the whole of the backside off which I think looks awful.

Even when I exhibited the gundogs I used to leave whiskers on although the majority had theirs trimmed.

A dog's whiskers are not as sensitive as a cat's whiskers but they still use them so I think it is unfair to deprive them just for a show
dessie said:
A dog's whiskers are not as sensitive as a cat's whiskers but they still use them so I think it is unfair to deprive them just for a show
couldn't agree more!!
Taken from one of the yahoogroups I subscribe to:


For those of you who normally do shave off whiskers for showing, will you still do so at the national, considering that the judge is from Norway? (I'm assuming that Norway is more like Britain, i.e., where less grooming is the norm)


Up till a couple of years ago I wouldn't have considered taking a dog in the ring with whiskers.


But I guess the bottom line is, do I show my Fannie at the national naked or hairy?


End of post!!!
This is quite amazing how things can differ so much on whatever side or part of the world you are in :huggles:
Cartman said:
Lyd, Do you trim your wiskers befor a show? :blink:
Actually Cartman I don't.

Because I'm a female,I don't grow facial hair :p

Do you?

LOL Dawn! :lol:

But I'm not sure if On the Rocks missed the funny side of that or chose to ignore it?

I used to trim the dog's whiskers for showing but now I don't bother. The dogs dislike having it done and I think that 9 out of 10 judges don't even notice if whiskers are trimmed or not. I've certainly never had a judge ask why I did not trim the dog's whiskers.
JAX said:
[SIZE=14pt]Cartman !!![/SIZE]

    You can`t ask a  [SIZE=14pt]LADY [/SIZE]    that!!!! :eek:
:) thanks Jax, honestly,some peeps are so rude!!!!

Oh dear!! Did I do a double meaning??? ohohohoh. :clown: How silly of me?

& I do not have facial hair either. I am far too young. :- "
I clip all my dogs whiskas.

I think whiskas look untidy - whippets look far more elegant without them.
I never have and never will trim whisker's on whippets. They are far too beautiful with them, and i also think the whippets uses them as well.

Debra :D 8) :wacko:
The au naturelle look for me. It doesn't detract from the dog's appearance in any way what so ever. In fact I think it looks more unnatural to have the whiskers trimmed.

Totally agree with the statement regarding trimming Whippets backsides. It's grotesque, YUK :wacko:
If I was to trim their whiskers I would have to trim all their hairy beards too!!! :p

I never would - what madness, I would also not go under a judge that thought that this was important.
I have only ever once trimmed whiskers and never again. (w00t)

When they are growning back they stick in you when you are cuddling!!!!! NOT NICE!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

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