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Who cares for the Countryside?

Mark Roberts

The Ringmaster
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I recently watched a programme when one of those anti hunt people stated that the reason they wanted hunting banned was because it ruines the countryside that they love. after thinking about this comment it seemed strange that over the centuries the countryside has been maulded by fieldsports and farmers to suit their needs, isnt this the countryside that has been maulded buy countrysports and farming that the anti hunt groups love so much.

and if they get there way and the hunting is stopped and the countryside is left to develope its self will they then like what it becomes?
Right to Roam??? seemed like a good idea when it was brought in but some people take it too far. :angry:

Isnt it funny you get members of the public saying hunting should be banned as they dont like to see animals being killed then all of a sudden its come on kids lets go and see the big barbeque in North Yorkshire.


And the Government well these are the people who voted to ban hunting with hounds and put the huntsman out of a job? but hold on its now ok for the huntsman to get rid of the carcases of cattle given a special liscence? seems like double standards to me we dont want you to hunt but just get rid of this cow for us. :angry:

So who realy cares for the Countryside? is it the Hunts and coursing clubs who as soon as the F&M was reported volentaraly stopped hunting to help the situation the Farmers who spend upto 20 hours a day producing top quality meat for our tables (no forien rubbish) or is it those nice ramblers & Anti hunt types who despite request not to go to the countryside still walk all over the countryside potentially spreading the disease just cos they have the right?

What annoys me is this Government have voted hunting to be banned , but is't Ok to cull/slaughter all the live stock with this awful FMD and we all have to smell the dreadful pyres of burning carcasses!

The question is, where did FMD come from?? Was is the importation of foreign meat!!?? If so, the regulations (set by the government) are obviously not good enough. I worked on arranging customs clearance into the UK last year and I know for a fact that frozen meat is imported in large quanitites from the Far East!!!
What particularly galls me is that none or at least only very little of the slaughter is necessary. Why are these animals being killed? The answer is there is no need. The majority of affected animals will recover within a week or so. The morbidity is low axcept for young stock, so why kill. The right to roam has little bearing on any of this as the infection is carried by any means and restricting passage is of little effect.

How many other animals are being slaughtered in addition to those affected? The answer is thousands including dogs!

Sorry to be outspoken but the common concesus of everyone accepting what we are told sometimes bugs me!
Hi Dawn & Sarah,  its nice to hear people feel as strong as i do about the way this is being handled, i spoke to a local farmer yesterday who stated that this F&M has been brought in from Africa in a consignment of meat. it was then fed to the pigs as swill.

why when we have farmers working long hours selling meat (top quality meat) at very low prices do we need to import poor quality sub standard rubbish, if every member of the British population buys british meat then may be our farmers will get a better deal and we will all be eating better meat.

Hi Mark,

Yes I agree! BUY BRITISH!!!!!!

Lets make British farming a booming industry NOT a decliing industry as it is now...

I'm not connected to farming on a personal basis but I live in rural Kent and have many friends who farm. I have one friend who has to work full-time and then come home and  farm!! It's driving him to an early grave!
Hi Mark

I do most strongly agree that all imorted meat should be banned, it seems unbelievable to me that imported meat from Germany can come in with spinal cord etc attached and nothing is done about it.  Had we been sending meat out to Germany in this condition it would be headline news and all British meat exports banned.  But being wet the government do nothing.

It is so sad that our farming community have to suffer so much so that Mr Blair can keep in with his cronies abroad.  Mr Blair seems to have very little real interest in anything not surrounded by pavements!!

We produce to best in the world, and due these imported meat being allowed in, all these beautiful cattle etc are being murdered.

A stockman/cowman has a real rapport with his stock and to see all these animals killed must be heartbreaking, particularly in pedigree herds where they are so lovingly pampered, to have these taken from you when they mean so much must be devastating, this is not even considering the financial side.

I truely believe that this goverment has a lot to answer for, this latest F&M being only the top layer.  Rural pursuits are for counrty people, not for someone in Whitehall who doesn't even own a pair of wellies, never getting mud on them.

I am really glad that I have had some really fantastic hunting, ridden some of the best horses available following wonderful hounds, giving excellent sport, these memories can never be taken away, even if the sport is banned.
I think the lesson to be learned from this awful Foot and Mouth epidemic is as you say, buy Bristish Meat. I believe we should take it even further than that though. Buy British meat from your local butcher who deals directly with British farmers and trades at fair prices with the farmer. Don't buy meat from Supermarkets if you can help it. They treat farmers very badly, paying less and less to the farmer, and not passing any savings on to the consumer. hence they keep all the profits. I quite often find that my local butcher is significantly cheaper than the supermarkets, and I know that the meat I buy comes from local supplies. I'm sure it's not my imagination that it tastes better to! (I know this isn't about coursing and apologies to anyone who's a vegetarian!)
Hi Nichola  no! its not your imagination fresh British meat does tast better, I have a freind who is a butcher (he also races whippets) I am the sort of person who does not like to find hard bits in sausages ect, while at our freinds shop one day I watched him make his sausages (yes a butcher who makes his own sausages,burgers ect not mass produced rubbish) on seeing the quality of the Pork & Beef that he used I promptly bought 20lb of sausages.

as well as making the normal Pork Beef ect he produces home made Cumberland, Old English ect,

and as with all family butchers their names are there guarentees. find a butcher like our freind who produces his own sausages burgers ect and they will produce for you the cut of meat you want and not the pre-packed half rotten rubbish that supermarkets have on the shelves with long sell by dates.

if everyone buys British we may just put the Great back into Britain.

anyway i'm at the moment listening to the children talking in the house of commons about the budget ect, dont know where the nursary nurse is but their all running riot?????????????? ;)

(Edited by Mark Roberts at 3:21 pm on Mar. 7, 2001)
For fear of being thrown off I enter with trepidation the side of the arguement that how many people stopped buying British Meat with the CJD scare?  I didn't, and I truly believed all the contaminated cattle had been taken care of YEARS before, but a HUGE percentage of the British public bought into the hysteria and stopped buying it - restaurants stopped serving it etc.  OF COURSE we should be buying British meat - it's economically stupid to export our stuff and import other stuff, BUT we brought the situation upon ourselves 5 years ago, and people are still of the mindset in some places that it's not safe.  (I'M NOT ONE OF THEM:) )
I just re-read my last post and realised I could be misunderstood - I meant I didn't stop buying British Beef - and boy could I have killed for a great T-bone! :)
I heard on the news that the Government intend to slaughter around 100 thousend sheep just in case they may contract F&M.

this made me think where are the RSPCA and the Animal rights protesters now.

are they not going to try and stop this Government slautering thousends of fit & healthy stock or do they not care about theseanimals?

also a Minister when asked where meat would come from if all this live stock was killed he replyed "from imports" is this the same imports that started this outbreak of F&M in the first place.


Reading today`s headline`s in Smith`s it would seem you are out by a factor of 10 as the government are talking about killing one million sheep plus pigs and cattle.

Opposistion to this appalling slaughter of unaffected animals is already underway.

A general election is close, if you are canvased by a political party let them know your views in forthright terms and vote accordingly

Support the countryside in all ways possible or suffer the consequences

Politician`s are invariably self-serving spineless creatures who follow the path of least resistance and so your opinion counts if it is heard.Let your MP know your views
Hi Tony

          Your spot on with your comments about the Government they have little or no regard for the countryside or the people who live in it.

they bow to the threat of violance by morons who do not agree with fieldsports, I recently asked my local MP if all fieldsports followers started bombing and acting in a violent way would the Government make a U turn and allow fieldsports to continue? he did not reply?

in britain we used to have the best set up in the world for industry making everything from TVs to cars, everywhere you look these days seems to have a sticker saying made in Japan or some othere far flung deseas riden place. how often do you now see a label stating made in britain?. this Government recently stated that it would not ban imports of forien meat as it did not want to cause a trade war.

that must of been what europe was thinking when they banned British meat.

Unfortunatly in this country most peope are happy to just sit back and take whatever is thrown at them and untill EVERYONE stands up and tells any Government to put the Great back into Britain we will always be a dumping ground for the World.

There is a site called YOUGOV on freeserve and they carryout polls on such issues its worth a look from time to time

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