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Whole frozen salmon fed to huskies


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Does anyone ever watch the "Below Zero" program ?

Whole or half salmon are fed to the huskies while still frozen, the dogs look extremely well.

Looks as if this is their main diet, what a fantastic way to feed your dogs. No question as to whether their diet is "balanced". (just goes to show eh ! )
Not for me, what suits them is fine but can you think of the stick we'd get if we did the same?
Years ago it was advocated that we feed raw frozen tripe. I could do the raw tripe bit but just could not give it frozen!
My dogs sometimes get their raw food frozen! I don't make a habit of it but if I forget to defrost in plenty of time they get it frozen. It's actually better for Cash as he gulps food down so quick even with his slow feeder so it slows him right down and means they need to work harder. usually knackered after it lol
My Husky gets still half frozen ribs, carcus or mince if it hasn't defrosted fully and I find it slows him down and he enjoys it for longer :)

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