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why does my puppy have....


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i own a saluki x geyhound,and is 15 weeks of age,when we bought her it was late at night and couldn't see her condition very well,we paid 120.00 for her,and she was very under weight as we found out when we got home,she has barreled ribs.we have wormed her and can't think what has caused this,but we think it could be from that poor quality food she was eating,but we don't know the brand of the food.she eats very well,but she still has barreled ribs but has got better,she how ever isn't gaining much wait,we are feedding her cooked meat,and a small quantity of dry food,and sa37(vitamin supplement),but our other male saluki x whippet greyhound,eats fairly well,and is not under weight.we have never come across this before,can you help?

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