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Why Has Stripping The Wallpaper Sent My Collie Crazy?


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Hi can anyone help with this problem?, we decided to redecorate our bedroom recently and when our collie walked into the bedroom, where previously she had slept every night for approx 6 months, she took one look around and then dived under the bed where she proceeded to gnaw at the bed-legs and scratch at the carpet, all the time wimpering. This started on 26th October, and since then we have not had a peaceful night with her in our bedroom! Each time we think we will try to sleep in our bed the same thing happens, yet when I call her and say we will sleep downstairs she trots from under the bed as though nothing is wrong

We raised the bed thinking she was panicking but that only enabled her to do more damage! The Vet suggested a Pheremone Diffuser in the bedroom, again no use, then ACP tablets for stress around Nov 5th, which went on for about 10 days in our area, so that didn't help her. these tablets were no use, then Diazepan sleeping tablets was prescribed, which everybody's Mum has had at some time!, again no use.

She will not sleep downstairs on her own as she doesn't like being on her own, so at the moment all of us sleep downstairs, me on the sofa, Hubby on a mattress on the floor, and Zephyr safely tucked up in her bed!!

Has anyone else had this problem and did they manage to solve it?
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I have never heard of anything like this - have you tried the Pet Remedy diffuser?
Wow - your lives really revolve round this dog's behaviour! How old is the dog and how long have you had it? It sounds like it would benefit from spending less time with you to encourage it to be more independent and confident. I would suggest it sleeps in a cage, and not necessarily in your bedroom. Continuously pandering to its behaviour sounds like a downward spiral. Have you any other dogs? Have you ever been to a dog training club for help? Perhaps this is something you could look into?
Gosh, that is a novel problem

Dogs can get very upset if their environment changes, but this seems rather extreme

Can you tell us what was on the walls before and what is there now?

Have you moved the furniture too, or replaced any of it?

Is the carpet new?

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