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why is my dog peeling in my house?!!!!!


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Ho, just looking for some advice/answers as to why my 5 year old dog keeps peeing in my house all of a sudden?!

A bit of back ground information on Archie the pug...we reacused little Archie from a badly treated home 2 years ago through mutual friends. when we first got him he was literally skin and bone, he wasn't properly house trained, he used to eat his own foul (we think to hide it or he was used to eating it out of hunger) the poor pooch didn't even know what a toy was. Anyway after a few weeks of having him he started eating properly, gaining weight and we thought him to toilet outside and he stopped eating his own poop. He was happy content and well looked after.

Now hears our problems over the last couple weeks we have noticed he won't eat his food but will go in the garden and eat cat poop (the neighbours cats poop on our garden ano annoying!) and just crap and also will drink rain water instead of fresh water out of his bowl..this is nothing to do with the type of food we are feeding him we trialed all kinds of food for several months and we know what he likes and dosent like. We put this down to him feeling left out because we have stopped him from sleeping upstairs. (this has got better and is now only the odd occassion)

However over the last week he keeps peeing in the house any oppertunity he gets. He is not left for long periods of time and if we do nip out anywhere we let him out for a short while before leaving the house. I will state a couple of examples below...

1. we called out for 40min to the cafe yesterday we came back home and he had a pee twice in the kitchen 

2. Last night i went upstairs had a bath (left the back door open) and by the time i came back down he had a pee again.

3. My partner worked a late and didn't get home and come to bed till 4.30am this morning he let him out before coming to bed I came down at 9.00am and he had a pee in the pitching and living room?

I'm so puzzled as to why he is doing this. I can't be down to him not being able to hold it it because he tells us when he wants to go out and also the door is frequently left open so it can go out as he pleases.

Please anyone who has experienced this or knows how I can stop it please let me know. Thanks. 
hello. I think that you should collect a urine sample from him and take it and him to the vet to check for a urinary tract infection
Yes, as dogmatize says, always a vet check first for any kind of new problem. No good working on a behaviour problem when it is caused by a physical ailment.

If the vet clears him then you need to look for all the clues. From what you say he mostly pees when you leave him on his own?

Dogs that become over bonded to their owners can suffer from separation anxiety. This is a genuine anxiety and not a case of the dog "teaching us a lesson" for leaving him. He has no idea if or when his beloved owner is coming back when they go out of the door. Many dogs start to worry when the preparations start to be made before going out. This builds up and then when they are, finally, left they just can't cope.

Passing urine gives a sense of relief. We all understand this feeling ourselves. A dog that is feeling anxious is looking for a feeling of relief from the anxiety and finds that passing urine gives them that feeling.

If this is what is going on with our dog then you need to address the underlying cause i.e. the separation anxiety.

I will just go look at other posts because there has been a recent thread on this very subject. Will point you to it when I find it.
Look in the puppy forum under the Whippet puppy vomiting thread for info on dealing with separation anxiety.

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