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Wickwar Again


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Nice to see that the meeting for May has been rescheduled for August. I asked for help in finding overnight accommodation for this meeting when it was originally scheduled and Strike Whippets gave valuable advice. Some of you will remember that because i didn't leap to the opportunity of bookng that I implied that I found the suggested accommodation not suitable. Strike Whippets castogated me at the time. The posts in question have been deleted subsequently. May I now say that the meeting having been rescheduled I will be following up Strike Whippets' guidance and booking the accommodation in question and will hopefully find myself in said lady's good books if only momentarily :thumbsup:
LOL ...... You are always in my good books Lampy (w00t) :- " :blink: .....I may even see you at Wickwar if you're very lucky :lol:
Strike Whippets said:
LOL ...... You are always in my good books Lampy  (w00t)   :- "  :blink:   .....I may even see you at Wickwar if you're very lucky  :lol:
Hope so. We have cut a bit off our Cornwall trip to make this re arranged event so hopefully no hiccups this time. :thumbsup:

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