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Wickwar Hill Sprint July 2009, Results


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Thanks to everybody for coming and braving the sunshine and showers. We had a full card of seven stakes of Greyhounds, ten stakes of Whippets and three stakes of lurchers. Everybody who was expected turned up - well done.

The rain cleared, and the sun came out. We picniced on the grass and chatted dogs. Mel's slipping was superb as usual, little Jo did sterling work on the bike., so we were finished in good time. We all enjoyed seeing different long dogs run and there were some close courses. Good sportsmanship and humour all round. HUGE Congratulations to Rae Todd with Big Bruver Stikes and Joan Davies with her veteran aged 8 years,Lamplyte Dancing Princess. Both became Hill Sprint Champions today. Results below. The official photographer will add the photos.


Stake 1: Winner was Mr Raymond with Sammy Tats Dasher, Runner up was Dave Milnes with Prussian Harp.

Stake 2 Winner was I M Khan with Riverside Star, Runner up was Neil Herbert with Pup.

Stake 3: Winner was Jodi Atkinson with Hugh, Runner up was Mr Younis with Ba Gable Wall.

Stake 4: Winner was Roger Brooks with Mountelver Jet, Runner up was Dave Milnes with Big Dean.

Stake 5: Winner was Mr Younis with Rathmertin Boy, Runner up was Jodi Atkinson was Demalulder.

Stake 6: Winner was Mr K Hibbit with Holly, Runner up was Jodi Atkinson with Hondo Lad.

Stake 7: Winner was Jodi Atkinson with Quality and Honey, Runner up was Mr K Hibbit with Harry.

Fun Run winner was Jodi Atkinson with Fine Trout.


Stake 1: Winner was A Fursdonwith Tourmaline Gem, Runner up was Mr&Mrs Richards with Sorrel Sarsnet.

Stake 2: R Todd with Big Bruva Strikes, Runner up was Lou Simmonds with Stepping Stones.

Congratulations to Big Bruva Strikes who is now a Hill Sprint Champion.

Stake 3: Winner was Liz Tasker with Wheatroyd Longspan, Runner up was Runner up was Mr & Mrs Richards with Majestic Mulberry.

Stake 4: Winner was A Fursdon with Whirling Whimbrel, Runner up P Clark with Heathermead Hazlenut.

Stake 5: Winner was J Cooper with Wheatroyd Gambler Boy, Runner up was D Magill with Laguna Loyal Leader.

Stake 6: Winner was Gibbins with Merlin, Runner up was Magill with Vereaglas Lighting Blue.

Stake 7: Joan Davies with Lamplyte Dancing Princess, Runner up was J Cooper with Wheatroyd Sugar Mouse.

Congratulations to Lamplyte Dancing Princess who is a Hill Sprint Champion.

Stake 8: Winner was A & C Griffin with Wheatroyds Wheal Andrew, Runner up was J Severn with Sweet Heart Juliet.

Stake 9: Winner was J MacDonald with Wind Beneath my Wings, Runner up was R Todd with Star Strike Hell Raiser.

Stake 10: Winner was R J Ottaway with Wheatroyd Wheal Johnny, Runner up was G Bedford with Jetandra Jentle.


Stake 1: Winner was A Wardman with Troy, Runner up was T Whitelock with Mac.

Stake 2: Winner was J Severn with Stewie.

Stake 3: Winner was . L Lionet with Sky, Runner up was T Whitelock with Ziba.

Match winner was J Miles with Hoy, Runner up was A Nicholls with Tia .

See you all on the 23rd of August for the next whippet/lurcher event at Taunton Polo Ground. Contact Sue Ward for detalis.
Thanks to Sue and Terry, and Julia and Chris for organising and running a wonderful day. Lovely to see everyone and catch up, and to meet some new people.

Some really close runs, and very pleased with both my boys. Well done to all runners.

Looking forward to seeing the photos - where is the official photographer :rolleyes:
Well done everyone :cheers: :cheers:
Would have loved to have been there to take pictures. You had a great turn out. Well done to everyone taking part and to the organisers and of course the expert slipper. Hopefully you will have a similar event later in the year.

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