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Wild mixed spring greens with carrots


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I have just picked an assortment of new wild spring greens. Dandelion (with root), Cleavers/Goose grass, nettle tops and added some carrots (from the supermarket).
Blitzed them all together and poured the gloop over the girls raw mince.
Gone in seconds:rolleyes:

There's some variety of sedge growing in our garden - lord knows why, they're supposed to like boggy places and our soil is as arid as the Sahara - but it never gets very tall because Jasper loves it. Shame he won't eat the nettles & dandelions.
Lucky Jasper being able to choose his own greens. Have you thought about picking a couple of nettle tops and a couple of dandelion leaves with a couple of flowers and thoroughly blitzing them in a little water then pouring it over a meal for him? (just a desert spoon full) he might like it!:rolleyes:
A few years ago when we had a different gang of girls, they would all line up around bramble bushes picking their own fruit, If we walked slowly enough and pointed to the dandelion flowers we had a couple of girls who enjoyed picking and eating their own flowers too.
We will have to start showing and teaching the 2 new youngsters, Dainty and VeJay how to pick their own fruit this summer. We have allowed this gang to get a bit lazy so we pick and scatter blackberries on the ground for them to hoover up, it's quicker:oops::D

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