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Hello everyone!

My name is Sarah and I am a dog walker, working in London. Today I read about a funny contest, which I think could be useful for all dog owners, looking for affordable pet services. This one is even for free. A local company organises this competition and the winner will get a free grooming session for his/her dog as a prize.

The game is simple - you just need to visit the company's Facebook page - post a funny photo of your dog. This should happen until 1st of August, as after that the competition is over and the winner will be picked in a random draw.

The winner can claim the prize in the company's doggy care centre in [SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Balham, 15 Balham High Rd SW12 9AJ or [/SIZE][SIZE=14.6666669845581px]connect[/SIZE][SIZE=14.6666666666667px] them by the phone for more information - [/SIZE]020 3746 1663 (look for Fantastic Pet Care).

Hope I was helpful for all of you, dog lovers!

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