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wings and legs

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Greetings to all coursers. Some help please with a small query. I know that some owners feed raw chicken wings and legs to the whippets. Has anybody got a view on this ? For example, can the bones do any damage to the gut or throat? What is the feeding value(nutrients)etc?

Thank you all

S Sizemore

I feed my whippet puppies raw chicken wings and I find they devour them. The bones are a good source of calcium and I have never had any bother with anyone choking etc. I show my whippets and work them now and again and I always try to feed as natural a diet as possible, green tripe and turkey, both minced aswell as the wings. I have to admit that I do also feed Red Mills tracker, but find the tripe especially good for keeping weight on, and the wings great for rearing puppies.

Hope this helps,

Dukie :D

When we collected our whippet puppy at 10 weeks, his first act when we got home, was to pinch the raw chiken wing which was part of the supper for our tibetan terrier. He has never looked back!

We have been feeding our dogs raw chicken wings, chicken carcasses, breast of lamb, neck of lamb, rabbits etc for the last two or three years. BUT the raw meaty bones must have a raw vegetable supplement to balance the nutrients ets. My introduction to the Bones And Raw Food (BARF) diet was through our vet. She had, at one time, worked at one of the major dog food supplies and did not recommend tin food.

Although I am not on commission, I would recommend the books by Australian vet Dr Ian Billinghurst, "Give Your Dog A Bone" and "Grow Your Pups With Bones" All your queries re nourishment etc are answered in these books together with how to balance the feed.

Hi Dennis

I agree with all you say, I forgot to mention the veg, bought from the bargain counter at my local Tesco and blended raw in a food processer, then mixed in with whatever raw meat is on the menu. I too have read these books and I must admit they have given me a whole new outlook on the feeding of my dogs. I must add that I try to work this regeim with 20 animals, hence the red mills as a back up when either the tripe is still frozen, or I have ran out of raw foods!!

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