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Winter Windhounds In Ireland

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There are a number of sighthounds in pounds throughout Northern Ireland

all the following info is from

This is a membership forum, register/login at

NIAR also has a facebook page


Downpatrick pound has lurcher puppies

Carrickfergus has lurcher pups and two adult males



Craigavon, Cty Armagh pound has 2 female greyhounds and a female greyhound-type lurcher

Ref: 2392, Mongrel, Female, looks somewhat whippety


If you are interested in re-homing a dog, should one remain unclaimed after the 7 day period, please contact the Borough Warden, Paul Chapman T. 9446 3113 or E. quoting the appropriate reference number.

Ref - 5091 Greyhound, female black with white chest approx 3-4 years old


Coleraine pound has two female greyhounds, one with a young male pup. The mother and pup are currently safe in a foster home.


Pennyburn Industrial Estate, Pennyburn, Londonderry.Tel No: 028 71261414

Mon-Fri 10.00am-11.00am and 3.30pm - 4.30pm, Sat 11.00am-12.00pm.

some dogs at this pound have their pictures posted at

[The page is usually updated at least weekly. As far as I know the beautiful black lurcher has gone back to his owner. He does look in good condition in the photo, and was wearing a collar. But if you like, you can ask the warden about him or any dogs that have come in since.]


Collooney kennels still has a black whippet cross male rescued from a pound and are also advertising three 12 week old rescued puppies. They also expect to have a pair of six year old whippets coming into rescue in the near future.

Ulla is a brindle and white lurcher, I suspect quite small, in Dunboyne pound Co Meath. Photo and details at

If you can help, even with kenneling costs, ring Martina +353 86 3871498. paypal link:
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Ulla is now "out and safe" in private boarding kennels. "A Dog's Life" can still use help with kenneling fees for Ulla and other dogs, a rescue place (perhaps a dedicated sighthound rescue) or longterm foster or new home. If you adopt one of their dogs who has already been assessed that would also clear some space in A Dog's Life rescue centre. Dogs for adoption from A Dog's Life Ulla's photo and very brief description, contact details/links for A Dog's LLife email contact form
Dunboyne pound, Co Meath, near Dublin

surrender- urgently needs rescue place or home

"Brax" "Brax is a gorgeous guy who distinguishes himself by his looks and his perfect posture. He's quite an attractive sight and one that will make everyone look twice. He sits tall in his kennel watching intensely around him with his curious eyes. His coat is He is quiet calm and not asking for much, just a loving family that will provide him with all the care that he deserves."

lemon brindle brokencoated lurcher, looks young in photo and has good teeth

if you can help, ring Martina 086 3871498 (from outside republic of Ireland, +353 86 3871498)

or pmail via petsireland (registration and login required for pmail) or contact via website

there is also a link at petsireland to make donations to A Dog's Life's paypal account

Lurchers at a Dog's Life rescue, mostly former dogpound residents, same contacts as for Brax, above:

Nevin, 2 year old brindle male, placid temperament

Jack, 2-3 year old black and tan with white, smooth coated male, probably saluki cross, good tempered,

Tilly, 1-2 red fawn smooth-coated female, foxlike appearance, very good temperament

Nero, approx year old black with white male smooth-coated lurcher, playful, likes people and is good with other dogs,

Wesly, brindle and white hairy male lurcher, 1-2 years old, good with people and other dogs,

btw, the whippet at Dundalk pound was reclaimed ok

info of dogs at Carrickfergus pound, Northern Ireland

BS 1/58 -fawn Male greyhound type Lurcher - approx 3-4 years of age - date in 21/01/12

BS 1/48 -black female greyhound type Lurcher - APPROX 3-4 YEARS OLD - DATE IN 18/01/12


Brax reported in the previous message is now listed as "out and safe". This may mean he has a rescue place assured or only that he is being cared for in boarding kennels while A Dog's Life tries to find a rescue with room for him. As mentioned before, this rescue already has some lurchers in their care still seeking forever homes.

the two female earmarked (pure racing bred) greyhounds at Coleraine pound, listed on 22 Dec, are safe in foster care I believe, but still needing homes:

have been neutered and vaccinated, to the best of my knowledge (I spoke on the phone with the warden last month)

I believe the pup that was with the white bitch has been rehomed okay.

Rusty (male, fawn) and Mink (female, very dark brown) young medium sized short haired lurchers are still looking for homes from the safety of Rainbow rehoming centre in Eglinton, County Derry, N Ireland:
unfortunately, more lurchers have been brought to Dunboyne pound, strays this time.

pictures and contact details are on the links, petsireland web forum; also see info re Dunboyne and A Dog's Life on previous messages in this discussion thread.

You normally have to go in person to the pound if you want to book a dog. I think Martina & co will only act as an intermediary for bona fide rescues or for people who have rescue backup.

Beth brindle smoothcoated female lurcher, in good condition (though nails couls do with a trim), calm demeanour

Babette fawn smoothcoated female lurcher, in good condition, calm demeanour

Babette and Beth were both picked up in Tallaght but a day apart

Blake black and white male smoothcoated lurcher, friendly and calm

Brooke fawn smoothcoated female lurcher, has home booked from pound (but sometimes these arrangements fall through)
Brax is just gorgeous,wish i could come and fetch him,he just pulls at my heartstrings.

all the dogs shown at http://www.irishanim...agreyhound.html are sighthounds. Mr Neeson, large black and tan lurcher is looking a long time but I think they want to rehome him nearby to the County Clare rescue. Even some of these whippet types are looking for longer than they should be:

Gracie fawn whippet cross,approx 1-2 years old, Mallow Animal Rescue, Cty Cork

Roxy - fawn whippetx bitch, likes water!, Cork

The following three whippet xs are advertised for Sighthound strolls by Jane of Whippet Rescue Ireland so are probably fostered fairly near Dublin

Juno - approx 6 mos old female fawn whippet, prefers a home with other dogs

Ritchie - small male brindle whippetx. approx 18 mos old, returned from first adoptive home but is a good dog, walks well on lead, house trained, gets on with most dogs, potentially cat trainable, Dublin area

Sonas - pale fawn playful whippetx bitch approx 3 years old. Potentially can friendly. "Sonas" means happiness in Irish Gaelic.

Hugo - black male whippetx approx 18 mos


DUNBOYNE POUND, Co Meath near Dublin has a white and blue medium size shorthaired male lurcher,Digby, who should clean up well and look very handsome, Good natured gentle dog needs urgent rescue place if not reclaimed by this weekend. Photo and contact details viewable at


Callie, a small red brindle and white female shorthaired lurcher needs out of the pound now. She also has a gentle nature.

details as above viewable at http://petsireland.i...showtopic=80493
of course, the above should read Sonas is Potentially cat friendly


a nice looking black and white whippetxcollie type pup has landed in Dundalk pound (Dundalk is between Dublin and Belfast)

looks confident and healthy in the photo

Reference Number: 6391

Date in: 10/02/2012

Found: Twenties, Drogheda.

Description: Date Available for Re-homing: 16/02/2012

Comments: Young stray female Whippetx pup.

see also

Dundalk dogs is a voluntary group which tries to place dogs from Dundalk pound, if you live near Dundalk you might contact them re fostering.

Reference Number: 6452

Date in: 08/03/2012

Found: Cookstown, Dunleer.

Date Available for Re-homing: 14/03/2012

Stray male Whippetx, bluefawn

Reference Number: 6440

Date in: 02/03/2012

Found: Hackballscross, Dundalk

Date Available for Re-homing: 08/03/2012 (so if still there is an urgent case)

brindle greyhound type male

Hattie, redfawn and white female whippetx, approx 7 mos

good dispositinon and condition

dunboyne pound kennel 7

female black and white whippet cross, young female at Carrickfergus pound, photo is at Gales Doggypage on facebook

The young male whippet also listed on the Carrickfergus pound info page has gone to a Scruples foster home this weekend, I believe

Dogs Trust Ballymena, Northern Ireland has Patch, a male whippet pup, white and fawn grizzle features greyhounds, lurchers, whippets (and sometimes other sighthound breeds) in rescue/foster care in the republic of Ireland. Many of the dogs featured a month ago are still listed.
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