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Wolf-hybrids, dangerous dogs in general, & human behavior


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I really wish we could get a Federal law that bans the crossbreeding of wolves & dogs; forget all that guff about "how similar their DNA", & bear in mind how very dissimilar the 2 species behavior is - they are chalk & cheese.
Unfortunately, like the rest of the wildlife-trade, it's profitable - so stopping it means ruffling the feathers of the profiteers, & they, just like the puppy-mill cadre, lobby intensively. 

I'm strongly against BSL, as 'banning' bully-breeds doesn't make anyone less liable to be bitten, nor does it reduce the severity of bites, frequency of bites among citizens, etc; Holland was kind enuf to collect all that data for the rest of the world, over their own 15-year-long ban of pit-type dogs... & they wisely revoked it, when it did nothing good, & much harm.
But wolf-hybrids aren't a "breed", they are a cross of a domestic species with a wild one, & no more ethical than crossing Cape buffalo with a dairy cow - how would that "improve" the domestic species, as it certainly can't be argued it would IMPROVE the wild buffalo!  Hybrids are a sad lot, who belong nowhere - they can't be turned loose to fend for themselves, nor are they happy in a pet-home - they are incredibly, unbelievably destructive, & unlike a dog, if U try to STOP a hybrid who's happily engaged in chewing the cabinet doors off the kitchen cupboards, or ripping down a ceiling-fan to gnaw on the rattan blades, the hybrid so rudely interrupted may well bite - with force.

I began thinking about this again when i stumbled across this article from 2010 -

The owner of a hybrid who was trapped headfirst in an 8-ft long cast-iron pipe in her backyard, has a record of violations that goes back to 1986 involving her various hybrids over the years; killing dogs or mauling them, escaping & threatening persons, attacking livestock, property damage, & more.
Like her neighbors, i wonder why the local fire-crew & other 1st-responders fell all over themselves to save her trapped hybrid, when she & her hybrids had been a community menace for approx 25 years.  TWENTY county employees, not including the vet & vet-staff once the hybrid was freed & transported there, worked to help that animal. // How much did this woman, so often charged with various community-safety violations, pets' deaths, stock attacked, human bites, etc, PAY for this assistance?
How much did she kick into the local Govt kitty to cover the wages & cost of all that equipment, all those workers, & all that time?

I'll bet not a doggone dime - & she still had the hybrids. :(   California has an excellent, well-written 'Dangerous Dog' state-law.  I think Colorado needs to consider similar legislation.

Does the DDA mention hybrids? // I know that the UK requires a wildlife permit to keep any wild canid or wild-hybrid.
- terry

Terry Pride, CVA; member Truly Dog-Friendly
'dogs R dogs, wolves R wolves, & primates R us.' -- [™ 2007]

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