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Won't come when called in doors


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Hi Everyone,

I have a 5 month old Westie who has brilliant recall when we are out of the house or on a walk. Loads of people remark everyday on what a beautifully behaved dog she is... but when we get home it is a different matter. When I call her in the house she completely ignores me or goes the other way. I can rattle treats (which she would normally climb a mountain for), get on my knees and call her in a really excited happy voice etc... but she just won't come. As nothing seems to motivate her in the house - what can I do?
I am 99% into positive training, however there are some times where aversives can work really well. We have a fenced garden and the 'we're not coming in' game can be a really self rewarding one for the dogs, because it's all about being chased and getting attention.

There are 2 ways I've dealt with this. When I've had the time I've gone in and shut the door and pulled the curtain (it's a full glass patio door, so the rule at our house generally is if the dogs are out the door stays open or else they have run into it hard). The way I finally resorted to years ago and starts with pups is the hose with a spray attachment that reaches all corners of the garden.

They would play keep-away, and have a laugh when called in. When you would walk toward them they'd run to the opposite corner. So that's where the hose comes in (I have a breed that's not keen on getting wet). Pick up the hose and spray them. They soon learn there is nowhere to hide from it and the water chases them into the house. Once in they are all praised for going in (even though really they were naughty) and the hose is put away).

Generally I only need to do this 2 or 3 times. After that all I have to do is pick up the hose, or even just walk in that direction when they are in their 'haha - keep away' mode.

They do say not to make a command that you can't reinforce. If you want to go all positive then train her recall to a whistle both at home and when out. I suspect she's learned that she can play you at home and has completely tuned out the command in the home environment.
My dog has the same problem, but only on the beach. I don't know if she's deaf or not, but I have to run away and she follows me eventually.

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