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Selling Wooden dog crates for sale


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100% Hand Made in the UK Solid Wooden Dog Crate

Fantastic Home For your Pet

All Joints are solid quality joinery, NO Butt Joints.

Perfect for any Dogs

Can be made to measure to the dimensions you require

This is not just a dog crate but a piece of furniture

Can be used as a table as well, quality table top finish

Quality hinged door with brass/ chrome lock.

This is a quality wooden dog crate with a great furniture like finish, it will fit in with your other home furnishings and is a fantastic alternative to metal dog crates. It can double up as a table which means you are not only buying a crate but also a wooden table. You can add your own dog bedding and also finish the crate to your own liking.

There are not many of these wooden crates sold in the UK, the majority of crates are metal and these offer an attractive alternative.

Dogs love a house to go into, they feel safe and secure, crates are not only used as a training aid, they are a dogs own personal space.

Made to Measure

As with all our products we offer a made to measure option which allows you to choose the exact dimensions you require.
If you would prefer this option then please email me and I can then get back to you with a quote.

Please email me for a quote!


We can also make the crates from hardwoods if you would prefer this.
Hardwoods I recommend are:

Please email for a quote:

Standard Crate Sizes:
Small: Depth: 65cm Width:50cm Height: 50cm
Medium: Depth: 75cm Width: 60cm Height: 60cm
Large: Depth: 90cm Width: 70cm Height: 70cm
Extra Large: Depth 100cm Width: 80cm Height: 80cm

We also offer the option to make to your design, if you have seen a design you prefer then please send
us a photograph, plan or sketch and we will email you back with a quote.


Please email regarding P&P

NOTE: Please check before buying that the size you are purchasing will fit through
your front door or through the door in which you intend to receive the delivery through
as these crates are of fixed assembly.

Collection is available, please email me first

Your crate will come fully assembled and ready to use out of the box

Thank you for looking and please if you have any questions do not hesitate
to ask.

Please allow 10-14 Working days for delivery as everything is made to order.


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