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Worried as dog ate big bone


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Hi Everyone

I have a border collie aged 3 we rescued him last March. He is about 18-20kg. He has eaten a bone about 60g when I say eaten I really mean swallowed. Concerned now as I don't know if he will pass it or have problems assign. Do I need to keep an eye or ring the vet tomorrow?

Thank you
Hi there,

I would keep an eye on his bowel movements for the next 24- 48 hours if he only swallowed it yesterday.

If he passes the bone then great. If he doesnt then you need to see what his poop looks like. If it becomes looser or less often there could be blockage caused by the bone, and in that case you need to get him to the vets asap.

If he seems not himself uncomfortable and/or in pain, again off to the vets.

I would also say keep an eye on his stomach. Give him a could feel all over and if his stomach seems hard and larger than normal this could also be an indication that he has a blockage.

if all of this applies and its been longer than 48 hours then straight to the vets.

I hope you little man is ok and hopefully within the next day or so it will out and you can stop worrying.

Sophie x
lots of people feed bone but i decided it was a big gamble so stopped, keep a eye on your dogs eyes for him being unhappy and as said his bowel movements..
Hi all

Thank you for your replies. Keeping an eye on him he seems fine is having bowl movements etc, no vomiting etc. Will still watch over the next few days though. No more bones!! Thank you for your advice.

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