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Worried dog - please help!


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Hey, I have a dog who is a sprocker spaniel. We got her as a puppy (now nearly 4 years old) she has never been abused or mistreated and we all dote on her, she's quite timid. But recently she has started getting really terrified, this has happened at night where she has come into my room and jumped on my bed and just been shaking terribly for what seems no apparent reason. She will start heavy panting and try to get under the covers and as close as she can to me. I am at complete loss as to what she is so worried about - she really seems petrified. I've tried turning the lights on to see if it helps but it doesn't. There have been no major changes in the house or anything. Any ideas how we can help her? or what is causing this? thanks!

AWW she's well cute!

I think you should book an appointment with your vet if you have the money just incase,

If nothing has changed of happened in her life then it could be medical or the heat in general.
What is the reason for her to come into your bed to sleep? Since when does she sleep in your bed?

This happens every night? How long does it last? What other behaviorally signs does she show..?

Does it stop once she is under the covers and close to you?

Like Boostar mentions, the vet should have a look at her. Get the behaviour on tape so you can show it to the vet. She might as well have a flue of some kind.

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