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Yorkie puppy looks unusual!


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Hi everyone, I would like some help if possible.

I contacted a yorkie breeder who said she had one puppy left unreserved and she was a female silk coat. When I arrived she doesn't look like average yorkie puppies do with the fluffy face. All her siblings and parents were pretty fluffy and she isn't at, I met both mum, dad and 2 siblings. The parents are kc registered and have proper paperwork.

Could you guys tell me what kind of coat she Possibly has?

I have a friend with a yorkie who is now 2, however he's quite fluffy when not groomed, she seems to think she's a cross breed!

The breeder was a lovely old lady who has bred for many many years and this was her final litter, so I'm confident in the fact she's not a cross however cannot work out why she looks so unusual.

Many thanks in advance
You can't always tell what the coat will change to when a puppy becomes adult. Did you plan to breed or show her? If not, does it matter?
I didn't intend to breed or show her, she's simply a new member of the family. I was just extremely curious as its the first time I've seen a Yorkshire terrier look like her is all :)
She is beautiful! Both parents and grandparents could be Yorkies, but that doesn't mean there is no other DNA in her heritage, that has popped up in her.
Bitches can mate with any number of dogs during their fertile time, and so can carry puppies from different fathers in the same litter. It may be that this is what has happened here, and your puppy's Mum knows something her owner doesn't.

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